Vice President Joe Biden Remembers Senator Ted Kennedy

Vice President Joe Biden was scheduled to talk about the energy bill today, but instead he got quite emotional in speaking about Ted Kennedy’s death.

Watch here:

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Biden said:

“He was never defeatist,” Biden said. “He never was petty. Never was petty. He was never small. And in the process of his doing, he made everybody he worked with bigger, both his adversaries, as well as his allies … He changed the circumstances of tens of millions of Americans and in a literal sense literally, literally. he changed the circumstances … not only the physical circumstances, he changed how they looked at themselves and how they looked at one another.” Later he added, “The unique thing about Teddy was he was never about him. It was always about you. It was never about him.”

And he also noted that “he spoke Wednesday morning with Kennedy’s wife, who told him: “He was ready to go, Joe, but we were not ready to let him go.””

Biden’s tribute is just one of the many pouring in today that are so full of emotion. See for more.

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