Thousands Line Up to Pay Last Respects to Senator Kennedy

Motorists pulled over along the route of the Kennedy procession to Boston today. Thousands are reported to be lined up to pay their last respects to the good Senator from Massachusetts who passed away after a 15 month battle with brain cancer. @Kennedynews on Twitter noted an hour ago: “As of 11:30 pm, the wait to pay respects to Sen. Kennedy is now estimated at four hours.”

Some late night links:

The WaPo has a really touching piece on Kennedy’s staff, former and present who were as loyal to him as he was to them: Late Senator’s Staff Became The Other Kennedy Family.

Mike Taibbi explains on MSNBC: Why Boston Backed Teddy Kennedy.

Via the NY Times: Massachusetts Mourns a Kennedy Brother, Again and After Diagnosis, Determined to Make a ‘Good Ending’:

Mr. Kennedy had told friends recently that he was looking forward to a “reunion” with his seven departed siblings, particularly his brothers, whose lives had been cut short.

“When he gets there, he can say ‘I did it, I carried the torch,’ ” Mr. Delahunt said. “ ‘I carried it all the way.’ ”

In the WaPo: Kennedy Did His Life’s Work Until the End.

UPDATE: Details of Senator Kennedy’s funeral service and burial are available here.

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