After a Somber Week Something New: BBQ Butt Beer Can Chicken

I’ve been laid up for a couple days with knee surgery and getting outside, even on sticks, to get some BBQ sounds great. The idea started with @ktumulty ( journalist with her own blog at Time magazine) and her call on Twitter for receipes for Beer Can Chicken. Apparently she got overloaded with ideas including my contributions using a You Tube and Food Network receipe. Use the You Tube below for a fine result!

[BTW: BBQ to me isn’t smothering stuff with thick BBQ sauce. I’m referring to open flame or slow heat cook outside on a grill. I mention this as a friend just said they don’t like BBQ because the sauce is always too thick.]

I love the one below as he’s using the old school methods. If you go back to You Tube you’ll see one from Stubb’s, a rub mix company, that mentions the fact you can get commercial stands for the whole thing rather than using a Beer Can. Trust me. A Beer Can is more fun. Stubb’s rubs, however, are very good.

Anyway a Sunday delight after a somber week, and for me, a pain in the knee here’s a fun Sunday dinner.

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