The Racism Scandal That Really Was

Listen to this “man in the street” at today’s Glenn Beck rally in Seattle: “The race card being played by the left side of the aisle is wrong.” OK. I suppose to be fair, then, I ought to lead with an ace. The following was sparked by the 9-09-09 edition of this blog: Front page news today in Bloomington, Indiana Boston Herald editor and angry blogger Jules Crittendon didn’t think much of my September 9 cross-posting of “Health Ins. VP sends Obama Hate-mail on Company Account ” at The Democratic Daily: Math And Protocol Or rules, points and yardage if you like. GOP rep gives the other team more ammunition with an outburst. There’s shock, scandal and snark. What’s this … Continue reading

Meet Scott Brown

Meet Scott Brown. Scott Brown is a Massachusetts state senator, and he is the “most prominent politician to announce for the suicide mission that will be the GOP nomination to replace Kennedy.” You got to just laugh about those Republican values again: In 1982, when he was a 22-year-old law school student, he won Cosmo‘s “America’s Sexiest Man” contest and agreed to take his clothes off for money and/or fame. Unsurprisingly, he went on to father an American Idol contestant named Ayla Brown.

“Politics is the art of the possible”

Some abolitionist Republicans dissed President Abraham Lincoln for not getting rid of slavery fast enough. Some Socialists panned President Franklin D. Roosevelt for not taking the New Deal far enough. Some liberals are all but accusing President Obama of selling out to the Republicans because he’s not calling for a single payer health care plan. I’m a union-card carrying Hubert Humphrey Democrat. But I’m not with my liberal friends on the sell out charge. I want single payer just as much as they do. Like many of my union brothers and sisters, I’m for HR 676. But I’m sorry to say I don’t see much evidence that Congress will pass it.  Even so, I’m glad groups like the All Unions Committee For Single Payer Health Care are … Continue reading

John C. Calhoun would be proud of Joe Wilson and the tea party goers

Paul Begala, the CNN pundit and Democratic political guru, wonders “if at long last there is no decency on the far right.” He cited a professionally-printed sign from the recent Washington tea party. “BURY OBAMACARE WITH KENNEDY,” it said. “Oh, I get it,” Begala jabbed on the Huffington Post Internet site. “Sen. Kennedy is dead, and these slugs want health care reform to be dead too. That is so clever.” Kennedy called universal health care “the cause of my life.” I suspect the sign-toter’s disdain for Kennedy has a deeper source, and ditto for many other tea baggers. It’s race. “Of the white Americans who did the most to help the advancement of civil rights, Ted Kennedy would be on … Continue reading

Racists? Us?!? We Ain’t No White Supremacists!

Suggest that there’s the slightest whiff of racism going on here, and they go apoplectic, calling anyone who suggests such a base canard “racist” and worse. Nobody’s yet topped Glenn Beck’s Gold Medal for Chutzpah performance — “Obama is a racist!” — but there’s still plenty of time. Continue reading

House Rebukes Wilson for ‘You Lie’

Via the NY Times: Representative Joe Wilson was formally rebuked by the House on Tuesday for his outburst during President Obama’s health care address. The vote came after a Congressional clash over civility that showcased the deep partisan divisions in the House. In a mainly party line vote of 240 to 179, the House held that by shouting “You lie” during the president’s speech Mr. Wilson, a South Carolina Republican, committed a “breach of decorum and degraded the proceedings of the joint session, to the discredit of the House.” The Hill reports, “Wilson addressed the chamber, but did not apologize for shouting at President Barack Obama during the joint session last week.” Maybe it’s time to stop giving Wilson more … Continue reading

Hundreds Turn Out to Pay Last Respects to Amesbury Soldier Who Died in Iraq

Saturday morning when I was leaving for work I could hear the drums beating for the funeral procession of young Amesbury, MA soldier who died in a truck rollover Sept. 2 while serving his second tour of duty in Iraq. Sgt. Jordan Shay, a 2005 Amesbury High School graduate, was a specialist in the 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, out of Fort Lewis, WA.  Hundreds of local residents, many who never knew Shay, came to pay their respects lining the motorcade route that took Sgt. Shay’s casket from Newburyport, MA through Salisbury, MA to Saint Joseph’s Church in Amesbury, MA where his funeral was held.  The funeral procession was led by two dozen motorycyclists from the Patriot Guard Riders and the Rolling Thunder motorcycle groups. Dignitaries attending … Continue reading