Obama’s Health Care Speech to Congress

My Twitter feed has a lot of links worth checking out from President Obama’s speech to Congress on Health Care Reform. The text of Obama’s speech is here.

The President made it clear tonight: ‘If you misrepresent what’s in the plan, we will call you out’. Good for him. He said what needed to be said and then some.

Political Wire has some of the reactions to Obama’s speech here.  

President Obama ended his speech with reflection’s on Senator Ted Kennedy’s life’s mission in the Senate to pass health care reform and he read excerpts of a letter Kennedy wrote him to be read after he passed away. The full text of Senator Kennedy’s letter to President Obama is available here.

Senator John Kerry released the following statement on President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress calling for comprehensive health insurance reform: 

“Tonight President Obama regained the initiative in a debate that must be won this year –  not for a party, but for people who desperately need relief. This was a presidential moment and real presidential leadership. Americans need a real debate — no more distortions, no more political games, no more scare tactics, it’s time for leaders everywhere to find the common ground to do what’s right for our country. 

“It won’t be easy, it will require tough decisions and hard-fought compromise, but letting another year go by without reforming health care is not an option. Now is the moment to achieve affordable insurance for those who don’t have it, stability for those who do,  and cost controls for the businesses struggling to provide it to their workers. 

“I was pleased to see the President made a compelling case for one of the ideas I’ve advanced on the Finance Committee – a meeting in the middle to control costs by placing an excise tax on insurers who offer high cost plans – a proposal that should be targeted to protect hard working Americans.  Now we need to find Republicans willing to find those kinds of compromises for the greater good. That’s what our friend Ted Kennedy did at times like these, and there’s no greater action we can take now to honor his legacy than to deliver on the cause of his life.”

More infor on President Obama’s Health Care plan is available here.

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3 Responses to Obama’s Health Care Speech to Congress

  1. eronne says:

    Despite hefty Democratic majorities in both the House and the Senate, centrists in Obama’s party have balked at the president’s proposal to create a public health care plan to compete with private insurers.

  2. I read the whole transcript and watched the video. It’s really hard to say if he actually “sold it”.

    One thing is for sure..this was Obama’s last chance of selling health care reform.

  3. Ike Vega says:

    THE FACTS: The House version of the health care bill explicitly prohibits spending any federal money to help illegal immigrants get health care coverage. Illegal immigrants could buy private health insurance, as many do now, and they could also buy into a new government-run insurance plan if Congress creates one. But unlike legal residents, they wouldn’t get federal subsidies to help them. The bill’s exact language: “Nothing in this subtitle shall allow federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully in the United States.” Health care legislation in the Senate is also being crafted to exclude illegal immigrants from coverage.

    However, Wilson is far from alone in thinking that the prohibition in the House bill doesn’t go far enough. For him and other Republicans, the problem is not what’s in the bill, it’s what the bill leaves out. There’s no provision for how the prohibition would be enforced, or any requirement for people to prove they are citizens or legal residents before getting health care benefits. In fact, Democrats on the Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means committees defeated Republican-offered amendments that would have required people to verify their legal status before getting care, with some Democrats saying such requirements would be unnecessarily burdensome for people legally entitled to coverage. Wilson cited the defeat of those two amendments Thursday when he discussed his outburst with reporters.