Rep. Joe Wilson Draws Heat for Yelling Out “You Lie!” During Obama Health Care Speech

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) apologized tonight for heckling President Barack Obama as a liar during Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress:

Wilson has drawn a lot of heat tonight in the wake of his rude outburst during the speech, including heat from members of his own party:

From where I sit Rep. Wilson’s apology wasn’t worth much. You can let Wilson know what you thought of his outburst via the following contact info:

Rep. Joe Wilson Contact Information
202-225-2452 or 1-803-937-0041
Phone: 202-225-2452
Fax: 202-225-2455
Email – Joe.Wilson­­@mail.hou­s­

Via @a_nadir on Twitter:

Rob Miller–Joe Wilson’s opponent–takes in 20k after 9:30 PM tonight on @actblue .

Keep the momentum going for Rob MillerDonate via Act Blue!

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15 Responses to Rep. Joe Wilson Draws Heat for Yelling Out “You Lie!” During Obama Health Care Speech

  1. Dan Collins says:

    Proverbs 22:10 Drive out a mocker, and conflict goes too; then lawsuits and dishonor will cease.

  2. kevin says:

    Regardless of if you believe the president was telling a lie or not, do you think it is ok for our representatives to “heckle” the president while he is giving a speech? Explain your thoughts now at

  3. Hart Williams says:

    What fascinates me is that the “conservatives” are, in large measure, either defending or praising Wilson’s egregious breach of etiquette, manners and tradition.

    Which is odd, considering that “conservatives” are supposedly defenders of tradition. I guess if you’re “right” that gives you license to behave like a barbarian in some phony ennobled way.

    I guess their new motto — “It takes a pillage” — supplants the old conservative meme of “defenders of tradition.”

  4. Kathleen Sundquist says:

    I think that our President Obama was eloquent last evening. He presented the urgency that America faces right now to present a health plan that will make our nation more compassionate, more human than one we’ve faced in years of Republicans who only talk about money. We need to help all of our citizens feel good about feeling better. Doctors will have more patients looking for ways to be healthier, and people and insurance places will finally be better off….not just insurance agencies making money. I support my President and look forward to a change in the way we help people improve their health care services.

  5. Kathleen Suttendquist says:

    I’ve already expressed my opinion, but know that I support my President in his efforts to create a system that addresses more American’s needs for health care that serves their needs.

  6. Suzy says:

    This man has no class, disrespects the office of the President which the majority of Americans elected. He represents a lot of idiots acting just like this a town hall meeting. Irrational and cannot get their point across without yelling, screaming and making a fool of themselves!
    PS when Democrats did this to Bush they acted likewise!

  7. Anne Mills says:

    This is what our country has come to! No respect for the Office of the Presidency! The whole world must be laughing at us!

  8. Suz says:

    If it is true that Jesus said you will know them by their love then why is it we only know these Conservative Evangelicals by their prejudices?
    What a disgrace and bad press for Jesus! I hear Jesus even picked a Tax collector named Matthew as one of the twelve disciples and he was not the one who betrayed Jesus but wrote one of your Gospels.
    Did you idiots even know this?

  9. Damon says:

    Liberals dissed Bush the same way but the difference is we know they are what you people call heathens these Christians are supposed to take a higher road and be Christ-like. Most of you are not acting like it.
    Bury Obama is what signs said at the Washington Tea Party protest, and had a picture of our President as an African Witchdoctor Joker, Muslim and Nazi. If you Conservative Evangelicals would only read that bible that you thump you would read the book of Daniel a real man who loved God (not a fake) Daniel told a pagan Babylonian King, “Oh King live forever my God has safely delivered me from your Lions den.” He never dissed that pagan King and actually served in that pagan Kings Court. Did you Evangelicals know that God put Daniel under that Kings authority? You people don’t practice what you preach or even believe it deep down by your hateful behavior. Make your statement civilly and model real Christian behavior. You are giving Jesus a bad name by attaching yourselves to him. Wilson are you reading this?

  10. Deb says:

    Can I copy that statement from Suz that Jesus said you will know(his disciples?) them by their love”—not prejudices. Do these people know that Jesus put a hated Tax Collector as one of his inner circle.
    If Jesus were here these religious so-called Christian people would be killing him all over again for this!

  11. AJ says:

    No one that hates anybody could be a real Christian but is only a hypocrite, fake an a genuine liar! If the shoe fits wear it people!
    I really wished people like Palin, James Dobson( who asked people to pray that it would storm at the Democratic Convention but stormed at the beginning of the Republican Convention instead cause God has a sense of humor) Hannity, Lumbaugh etc I pray they would find another religion to counterfeit. Real Christians have had so much bad press till
    because of them it will take a century to get us over it.
    Lumbaugh feeds on negativity and Hannity around the clock. To be honest liberal did the same thing to Bush but they do not call to be Christ-ians!

  12. anonymous says:

    Blue states against Red State

    Red against Blue

    White against Black

    Black against Whites

    Liberals Against Conservatives

    Conservation Evangelicals against whoever is not

    Senator from the South getting a pat on the back in the south for yelling out at the first half-Black President

    Democrats against Republicans

    Republicans against Democrats
    The name United States should be changed to
    DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA! What a joke and disgrace it has become and getting ruder by the minute. Thanks alot Senator WIlson!

  13. anonymous also says:

    How do you become a Canadian citizen anyway? I would love to get the hell out of here!

  14. For anonymous also says:

    They don’t want you crazy, hateful people going to Canada to mess it up too ! Stay put and leave Canada alone! Canadians are doing just fine without U!

  15. Hart Williams says:

    “Thanks alot Senator WIlson!”

    Uh, he’s a congressman.

    The crazed Senator from SouthCarolina you’re thinking of is probably Lindsey Graham (R, Crazyland), or, perhaps Jim DeMint (possibly a misspelling of “Demented”) (R, Wayoutsville), as in this from his official blog:

    DeMint Attends Tea Party Rally, Gives Speech