DGA to DeLay: Good Luck, Godspeed

I got this in my inbox and thought it was worth sharing and giving readers some food for thought about the ’10 election cycle…

Via the Democratic Governors Association:

As former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay launches his new career as a dancer tonight, the Democratic Governors Association sends him their best wishes, and hopes that his new life on the television promenade will mean the death of partisan gerrymandering.

“Tom, keep your jazz hands off redistricting,” said Nathan Daschle, executive director of the Democratic Governors Association, which is working to prevent national Republicans from replaying DeLay’s gerrymandering tactics.

DeLay, with the help of Republican Gov. Gov. Rick Perry, infamously gerrymandered the Texas Congressional map in 2003 in a plan that was so outrageous, the Justice Department launched an investigation. Florida voting groups say that the GOP’s last redistricting efforts in their state left the Congressional delegation badly out of whack.

In the coming election cycle, 39 governorships are up for grabs, and most of those governors will have a significant say in redistricting.

And national Republicans are planning to copy DeLay’s choreography and stage an encore, according to a GOP spokesman who had this to say about drawing the lines:

“The 2010 elections are almost as important or equally important as the elections this year [2008]. After redistricting in 2011, the governors are going to have a huge influence in determining the political makeup of this country…We could feasibly see 25 to 30 congressional seats swing as the result of redistricting. And the state legislatures and governor could determine that swing…The odds are, if it is a Republican in the governor’s chair, the seat will end up in GOP hands.”

Visit DancingwithTomDeLay.com to share the video with a friend and tell them to reject the GOP’s plan to regain control of Congress by taking over governorships.

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