Kerry: General McChrystal’s Troop Request Reaches Too Far, Too Fast

In a speech delivered to the Council on Foreign Relations this afternoon, Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said, General McChrystal’s troop request for Afghanistan “reaches too far, too fast.” Although Kerry may eventually support a troop surge in Afghanistan he said that “before additional troops are deployed to the country, three conditions must be met: sufficient Afghan troops; reliable local partners; and enough development aid to buttress military progress.” “Under the right circumstances, if we can be confident that military efforts can be sustained and built upon, then I would support the president should he decide to send some additional troops to regain the initiative,” Kerry said. Kerry also blasted Dick Cheney for accusing President … Continue reading

You can’t shame the Republicans

The Republicans and Al Qaeda say President Barack Obama doesn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. A former Peace Prize winner says he does. “In less than a year, with his inspiring messages of humility, dialogue and peace, President Obama has significantly lessened the tensions in the world, in the Middle East (University of Cairo speech), in relations with Russia, Iran, Venezuela,” Jose Ramos-Horta recently wrote on the Huffington PostInternet website. “President Obama’s conciliatory approach, the depth of his intellect and vision of peace, have won over many millions of people.” Ramos-Horta is president of East Timor. He received his peace prize in 1996. “By giving hope to the millions of disfranchised, the poor and the angry in Middle East, Asia and … Continue reading

Scary Isn’t a Kid in a Halloween Costume

One of the joys of Halloween is to dress in scary costumes and pretend to frighten others, who pretend to be frightened. But with less than two weeks until an evening of trick-or-treating, it’s possible there won’t be anything scarier than what’s already happened in the country. We are being told to fear the swine flu virus, and then learn that the vaccine, which was supposed to be available in mid-October, won’t be ready for awhile. It makes little difference anyhow, since about fifty million Americans don’t have health insurance and couldn’t afford the cost of vaccinations or treatment. The ogres of health reform, also known as Republicans and the insurance industry, have already frightened Americans by spewing lies and … Continue reading

Kerry Cautions Obama, Says Obama Would Be ‘Irresponsible’ to Send More Troops to Afghanistan Now

In an interview that aired this morning on CNN, Senator John Kerry cautioned President Obama “against raising troop levels in Afghanistan, saying it would be “entirely irresponsible” to do so while the Afghan government remains in turmoil following national elections.” Speaking from Afghanistan, Kerry, who is Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the U.S. should listen to the advice of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. commander in that country. “When our own, you know, commanding general tells us that a critical component of achieving our mission here is, in fact, good governance, and we’re living with a government that we know has to change and provide it, how could the president responsibly say, oh, they asked for … Continue reading

Obama Takes on the Health Insurance Industry

In his weekly address to the nation today, Barack Obama took on the health insurance industry and their deceptive ads about health care reform. Via the NY Times: “It’s smoke and mirrors,” Mr. Obama said. “It’s bogus. And it’s all too familiar. Every time we get close to passing reform, the insurance companies produce these phony studies as a prescription and say, ‘Take one of these, and call us in a decade.’ Well, not this time.” The full text of President Obama’s Weekly Address is here. Give ’em hell Obama…

Rush’s Widdel Feewings are Aww Hurted

Rush skated on the “Magic Negro” controversy because “liberal” reporters didn’t bother doing their legwork. Just like he skated on the hillbilly heroin controversy because it was a “prescription” drug. Well, so’s cocaine, but if Rush bloviates long enough, the outright crime will go away. He’s learned that at some point: A rationalization a day makes the criminality go away. Continue reading

Hillary Says She Won’t Run for President Again

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in an interview on Monday that she would not run for president again. Clinton was asked three different time by NBC’s Ann Curry and each time her response was “No.” “This is a great job,” Clinton said in the interview broadcast Monday. “It is a 24-7 job. And I am looking forward to retirement at some point.” After the 2008 elections, Clinton accepted Obama’s offer to serve as his top diplomat. Unless she challenged President Obama in the 2012 Democratic presidential primary, Clinton would have to wait until 2016 to run again if she changed her mind. She turns 62 on October 26. Hillary Clinton also denied “that her voice is not being heard … Continue reading