Rush’s Widdel Feewings are Aww Hurted

[Limbaugh composed (although will not acknowledge it) the parody “Barack the Magic Negro” to the stolen music of “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Smoking gun follows.]

Awww. It seems that somebody’s suggesting that he’s a racist a**hole. Who?

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww …

And his widdle feewings are all hurted. I mean, who would LIE about somebody and then suggest he’s a racist? Why LIBERALS, of course! Listen:

State-Run Media Scum Smear Rush Using Fabricated Quotes October 13, 2009 BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Folks, also, I don’t know what to do today. I really don’t know what to do. The audio sound bite roster is, again, 95% about me. The reason for my indecision here is that — well, I’ve talked to you about this before. People lob attacks at you and when you respond to them they think, a-ha, we’ve hit home runs here. There’s so many outrageous, fabricated lies. There is a genuine full-fledged smear campaign being orchestrated by liberal sportswriters and picked up by other liberals in the State-Controlled Media that it’s breathtaking….

And all because he wants to be an owner of the St. Louis Rams of the NFL. OK. How about let’s listen to Rush literally writing “Barack the Magic Negro” on the fly, after engaging in an utterly disingenuous rationalization that since an LA Times op-ed used the term “Magic Negro” that Rush can use it, TOO, and even though all context is stripped of it (i.e. he’s using it in a blatantly racist manner, whereas the LA Times op-ed used it in an entirely different context) he tries to “preempt” criticism by screeching over and over again “The LA TIMES SAID IT, but the LIBERAL media will try to make it about me!!!!!!!!”

Er, that’s akin to hearing a plain-spoken physician telling a patient about troubles with his “a**hole” and then saying: “MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS USE THE TERM — IT’S CLINICAL!!!” and then calling an “opponent” an a**hole.

Either way, Rush is the poster boy for being an a**hole. And I want you to pretend that you are an NFL owner, having to face the media and the local players’ association after a weekend of hearing this, which Rush has already rationalized in advance (from December 29, 2008’s “Rush Limbaugh wrote ‘Magic Negro’ Parody”):

From the transcript (courtesy of Media Matters) Limbaugh said this [emphasis added]:

Reverend Sharpton’s upset, you know, “Obama, where were you when we marched for justice in Selma?” and so forth. So clearly, it is a — I mean, it’s just remarkable to continue to witness the actual racism that exists on the left, using the term “Magic Negro” to apply to you white people who are supporting Obama. Singing a song in my head here during the break: “Barack, the Magic Negro, doo doo do doo.”

Rush realizes that he’s stepped over the line and begins weaving rationalizations, but continues supplying “lyrics” to his song:

Uh-oh, Dawn’s shaking her head on that. What are you saying, if I do that, I then will own the term, because I will be taking it above and beyond how it’s been used? Well, that’s what we always do here. We do parodies and satires on the idiocy and the phoniness of the left. We could throw in — yeah, we could put an L.A. Times lyric in there to make, you know, make it obvious who it was who actually used the term. I mean, don’t start telling me to shy away from this stuff. That’s why I’m where I am, that’s why I’m who I am, and for which I make no apologies. I’m very proud and happy.

And, lo and behold, the song is recorded on a CD by Paul Shanklin:

The song builds upon David Ehrenstein’s assertion in the Los Angeles Times that Barack Obama would serve as a “magical negro” to assuage white guilt. [1] The song’s lyrics explicitly refer to this:

“Yeah, the guy from the L.A. paper
Said he makes guilty whites feel good
They’ll vote for him, and not for me
‘Cause he’s not from the hood.[2]

In the song, the singer impersonates civil rights/social justice activist Al Sharpton by using a megaphone while singing the song.

Now, if this were a big hit (and, leaving aside the theft of the music for a profit-making venture as noted yesterday), Rush Limbaugh’s lawyers would have an open and shut case for co-writer credit and half-royalties, were Shanklin merely an opportunist like, say, Dennis Miller, milking conservative bucks out of a political cash cow. But Shanklin actually works for Limbaugh on an occasional basis (since 1993):

Paul Shanklin (born 1962) is an American conservative political satirist, impressionist, comedian, and conservative speaker.[1] A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Shanklin writes most of, and voices the characters for, the songs and satirical comedy segments used by conservative radio hosts Rush Limbaugh and Mike Fleming. Shanklin first came to media attention after doing his vocal impersonation of then-President of the United States Bill Clinton for Memphis radio show host “The Big Kahuna”, Bill Young. Shanklin was brought to the attention of Limbaugh by announcer Johnny Donovan, and was first featured on Limbaugh’s show in 1993.

Title, tune, explicit instruction to put a “lyric” in about the LA Times? Al Sharpton? Rush Limbaugh wrote the song, and Shanklin finished it up. Limbaugh was then criticized for playing the fruits of the Limbaugh/Shanklin collaboration:

Use of the term on the Rush Limbaugh show

Political commentator Rush Limbaugh was criticized in 2007 for playing the song during his talk radio show The Rush Limbaugh Show.[3] In response to reports about the controversy, Limbaugh defended his actions by noting that “If I were to think about Barack Obama being in any trouble — needing Secret Service — I would look to Clinton Inc. before I looked at me. Try that, drive-by media. Get that out there.”[4]

A typically specious “refutation.” Come on: the use of the term “Magic Negro” 27 times in that broadcast by Limbaugh was not justified by Ehrenstein’s trope. It was Limbaugh finally getting to use the “N-word” with impunity after so many years of talking in “code.” All the bloviating and obfuscating in the world doesn’t change that. The added satanic fillip to this is that it lets racist Limbaugh accuse all “leftists” of being racist (and, therefore, by specious negation, Limbaugh ISN’T). No: Limbaugh’s delight in using the term “magic negro” and his inferred order that his sound-flunky come up with the song parody speaks for itself far more eloquently than any long dissertation or explication. It is what it is, Limbaugh’s “Trent Lott” moment, when the mask slips just a little more than Limbaugh intended. And Chip Saltsman’s mailing of the CD, and his defense meld it all into a perfect ball of snakes. Huck PAC (Saltsman was an insider on the Mike Huckabee campaign) understands the explosive nature of the issue well enough to have issued a non-repudiation repudiation today [emphasis added]:

December 29, 2008 – 04:44 PM Statement From Mike Huckabee by Team Huck PAC Hello Team Huck PAC- Chip should have been more careful in his selection of Christmas gifts, but no one who knows him would ever suggest that he in any way would purposely disparage other people. Chip knows how sensitive such issues are. It shouldn’t be the main factor in the RNC race….

(Er … sounds more like a defense of Saltsman than a repudiation of the ‘Magic Negro’ parody, doesn’t it?) Here is the audio where Rush “composes” the “hilarious” parody. I’m sure that Rush would welcome the same scrutiny by the media for his role in the “l’Affaire Magic Negro” that Don Imus received for his “nappy headed hos” gaffe … which occurred at precisely the same time that Rush was stuffing his overlarge foot into his over-larger mouth. Credit where credit is due.

I merely quote myself because there’s damned little to add.

Well, one thing: Rush skated on the “Magic Negro” controversy because “liberal” reporters didn’t bother doing their legwork. Just like he skated on the hillbilly heroin controversy because it was a “prescription” drug. Well, so’s cocaine, but if Rush bloviates long enough, the outright crime will go away. He’s learned that at some point: A rationalization a day makes the criminality go away.

limbaugh in happier times

back when he was stealing candy from babies

But I think he’s probably an idiot for even thinking that he had a shot at an NFL franchise. Why?

I can’t imagine the creepy zillionaires’ club of the NFL agreeing to the guaranteed migrane of endless race-baiting that Limbaugh would provide them with in endless scandals du jour — which is the actual point. According to ESPN, he’s been dropped (implicitly as toxic) by his partners from the bid to buy the Rams.

Listen to it and ask yourself, what do you think that the fan and media response to the Rams would be if Limbaugh made that statement on, say, a Friday before a big game?

No: even if many NFL owners are crypto-racists, they at least have the good grace to keep that stuff in private. No one would be stupid enough to say it in front of an open microphone. Because it’s bad for business.

Any business except Rush’s business, that is. Another Marge Schott, though, if an owner. Guaranteed. But nobody says the plain truth about the naked Emperor’s Faux Nooz clothes: yes, he’s indisputably a racist, misogynist and an a**hole.

release of his book See, I Told You So, with collaborator Joseph Farah

Limbaugh and ghost writer Joseph Farah of WND

But to his fans, he’s just kindly old Grandpa Goebbels. Feel better, Rush?

Now, go burn a cross on some “magic negro”s lawn. It’ll make you feel better.

Just like it always does.


PS: A special bonus, the famous mashup by WNNX-FM (Atlanta, GA), “I’m a Nazi.” Everybody thinks it’s a hilarious “parody” — just like Rush says the “Magic Negro” song was — except, of course, Rush. Talent on loan from God. (or maybe his chief rival?)

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2 Responses to Rush’s Widdel Feewings are Aww Hurted

  1. Todd says:

    Who cares about Rush Limbaugh? I was at a restaurants for a Cool Springs Chamber event the other day and out of 20 people only half were even familiar with him! In Middle Tennessee no one cares about Rush.

  2. Hart Williams says:

    Well then, there you go.

    Anecdotal evidence proves that this whole kerfuffle is meaningless.

    In Middle Tennessee.

    And, of course, as goes Middle Tennessee so goes Northeastern Arkansas.