Kerry Cautions Obama, Says Obama Would Be ‘Irresponsible’ to Send More Troops to Afghanistan Now

In an interview that aired this morning on CNN, Senator John Kerry cautioned President Obama “against raising troop levels in Afghanistan, saying it would be “entirely irresponsible” to do so while the Afghan government remains in turmoil following national elections.”

Speaking from Afghanistan, Kerry, who is Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the U.S. should listen to the advice of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. commander in that country.

“When our own, you know, commanding general tells us that a critical component of achieving our mission here is, in fact, good governance, and we’re living with a government that we know has to change and provide it, how could the president responsibly say, oh, they asked for more, sure, here they are?,” Kerry said.

Obama and advisers have “held five meetings in recent weeks to discuss U.S. strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as they continue to weigh a call from Gen. McChrystal for as many as 40,000 additional troops in Afghanistan.”

However, complaints of voter irregularities have dogged the Afghanistan election and the United States’ mission there. At a press conference earlier this month, the top United Nations official in Afghanistan, Kai Eide said the vote was marred by “widespread fraud.”

The Independent Election Commission is expected to soon finish an audit and recount of suspicious ballots. The independent commission is a “constitutional body” that conducts “free and fair elections” in an “impartial way” according to its Web site.

Kerry warned earlier this month that he might be “be prepared to “buck” the Obama Administration if his “fact-finding leads him to conclude that Afghanistan could turn into another Vietnam.””

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5 Responses to Kerry Cautions Obama, Says Obama Would Be ‘Irresponsible’ to Send More Troops to Afghanistan Now

  1. PEACE says:

    Respectfully disagree and support McChrystals request but have faith this administration will act in the strategic best interests of national security. Pakistan moving to fight taliban covered today ! The election re-do is underway but we have been there eight years and wait for this election to support troops needed in Afghan ? What efforts will be made for energy independence in replacement of those poppy fields ? “Dancin The Boogie” for our troops and headed with McChrystal on this one. Moon sand ,no fans and 50 men to five tolits ? Improved resources needed ! “Clawback” and get a “Hair Cut “! What banks are hoarding the money on transparancy viewing TARP ? Heads up ! CNN Anderson Cooper is viewing TARP and your tax dollars spent. Geithner may be on damage control ? Uh oh ! Little pups just ran to the porch and the big dogs are on the loose. Transparancy and Oversight TARP !

    Happy Halloween ! See any talking skeltons on the steps of Health Care, tell those GOP’s we don’t want to die fast. Who’s read the HR 3200 and knows it ? Interesting flip chart presentation ! Just get it right and team up for the people’s best interests.

    Peace Concert to support Teen Violence and looking for national band line up ! Pass the word to support ! Pl 107-110 NCLB ? We need to finally end those mandates !

    Avotresaunte and think resveratrol = Red Wine ! How about that vaccination and what do you think ? Do we have a match to strain and influenza or does it change before they know ? Still skeptical but haven’t caught it yet. What happened in 1976 on flu vaccinations ? See Kennedy and his thoughts and comments covered concerning H1N1. Can you say RE-ASS-OR-TANT ?

    Van Morrison,”Soul” to ya ! Clinton’s knocking the cover off the ball as Secretary of State ! Find the Amanpour interview and she was great ! Gates was on as well in view of Iran and international security and relations.Keep your eye on that P1 +5 ! International Peace and no taliban ! What are they doing about those poppy fields ? Energy Independence solutions ? Can they grow sugar cane or turn trash to oil ? Poop to methane but something instead of those poppy fields. We’ve spent billions on aid and all the programs per the state department have been scrubbed and they’re looking at every dime. Afghan aid ? “A Heartbreaking Failure !” Hillary Clinton.

    Obama said his decision will not be based on politics.No word yet on the 40,000 troops ? Support the troops and our generation will have no more 911’s. Why wait for this election and when is it ? A date set yet ? No and not that we’ve heard.

  2. PEACE says:

    The head of the FBI said he may have to pull his men off national security to investigate the rise of white collar crime. National media CNN has the names of the banks ! Who’s watching ESSA ? “There was no requirement for recipients to monitor their use of funds and banks hoarding money ? ” Yes,we have monitoring and who’s watching ESSA ? Obama says the rules are not being followed and scolds Wall Street ? Who’s funding fast our FBI ? “Troubled Asset Relief Program has a great inherent danger for fraud and it could cost $300 billion in loss?” Katie with CBS. CNN and Cooper,they’re all on it ! Inspector general conducting 20 criminal investigations, but then read reports of 38 and up to 100. Improper dispensations of bail out funds under TARP ! Reporting and monitoring ,accountability and what’s up ? It’s sure not the balloon boy ! It’s almost the great depression and alleged fraud with TARP ? Greed your fired and if the watch dogs on ESSA are no good and asleep not monitoring then get rid of them !


  3. PEACE says:

    CNN=Blitizer “Nuclear Threats to US !” Hillary Clinton Not to mention our FBI is under funded ! Not to mention our bail out money is in question of fraud ! Who is watching PL 110-343 enacted Oct. 3,2008 ? EESA ! Emergency Economic Stabilization Stability Act 2008. Wake up watch dogs ! Press alarms for action !

  4. PEACE says:

    Special inspector General Neil Barafsky=TARP interviewed today by CNN Mr. Blitizer. In a flash snap we saw Hillary Clinton and Mr. Blitizer says,”press the panic button.” Then reported by saying, ” nuclear threats to US.” Hillary is working on talks with Iran and that inspection of their nuclear site is Oct. 25th.”Prove it.” You go Hillary Clinton ! Global Peace and Unity ! We’ll pray tonight and this is intense.It’ll all work out for the best interests of we the people.

  5. PEACE says:

    ESEA ! Those call letters are driving me nuts today and call edit ! Whatever,you guys better go check in to this ! See ya !