Tea Baggers and Tories

The “Tea Baggers” made LEO’s “list of the 50 grandest, most brain-bending and spirit-crushing gaffes, foibles and malicious undertakings” of 2009. LEO is short for Louisville Eccentric Observer, an alternative newsweekly — print and online — in Kentucky’s largest city. “…Folks and organizations qualify for our infamous awards because, generally speaking, they’ve betrayed the public trust,” Leo explains. “Our message is simple: Do better.” LEO doesn’t pull punches. It defines Tea Baggers as “an embodiment of all that is loud, frightened and stupid in this country.” Their “anti-government…movement,” according to Leo, “…has provided conservative middle America a perfect medium through which their fear of an illegally elected black president and his socialist utopia of spending, taxing and drinking the blood … Continue reading

The Courage of Michael Vick

The Philadelphia Eagles honored reserve quarterback and admitted dog-killer Michael Vick with an award for courage. Yes, you read that right. “Michael Vick” and “courage” are in the same sentence. Each of the 32 NFL teams annually honors one of its own with an Ed Block award, named for the Baltimore Colts head trainer who was an advocate for improving the lives of neglected and abused children; the Foundation says it celebrates “players of inspiration in the NFL.” Unfortunately, there is no stipulation that football players who abuse animals are ineligible receivers. Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb told the Philadelphia Inquirer the award was “well deserved.” Vick, his team, and what appears to be a loyal foundation of fans who believe … Continue reading

Kerry: Big Step Towards Affordable Accessible Health Care

Senator John Kerry released the following statement today after the Senate’s historic, Christmas Eve passage of comprehensive health care reform: “This is a big step towards finally making affordable accessible health care a reality for every American,” said Sen. Kerry.  “It took 60 votes, it took the commitment of a Senate willing to put itself on the line and a White House committed to getting there, but what’s most important is that it happened. One thing I’m confident of, Ted Kennedy is up there smiling this morning because the man who spent his life working and leading and fighting on health care has seen his life’s work come closer to completion than ever before.”

Ripped from the Headlines: Greed, Corruption, and Racism in NE Pennsylvania

Dick Wolf, who created “Law & Order” and its two successful spin-offs, “Law & Order: SVU” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” should probably consider establishing a branch office in Pennsylvania. It seems that whenever any of the New York City cops take a road trip to find a fugitive or track down a witness, they go to Pennsylvania. Apparently, New Jersey is only a buffer zone. Part of the reason why Pennsylvania routinely figures into the hour-long dramas may be because Wolf, a New Yorker, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Another possibility, although much more remote, may be because his first of three wives was named Susan Scranton. Nevertheless, Pennsylvania has been the site of sufficient … Continue reading

Cato Astroturfs the World to Deny AGW

It really doesn’t get any better than this: Cato Board Member’s (Howie Rich) astroturf group (ALG) quotes a Cato “fellow” who, it is NEVER MENTIONED, founded the group [“Moscow-based Institute of Economic Analysis (IEA)”] … They run the report through a British paper’s Libertarian contrarian and then quote it as “news” analyzed by the Institute’s FOUNDER — a global warming denier from way back… Continue reading

Scared turtles

It is the great unmentionable in the health care debate. It is an attitude apparently shared by many voters.  The Democrats keep quiet about it because they don’t want to make voters mad. The same attitude is helping the Republicans thwart reform. But they won’t acknowledge it publicly for fear of looking bad. B. Smith isn’t scared to talk about it on his Internet blogsite, Radical Love. It is greed and selfishness, which he says are “hateful” aspects “of humanity that this debate has brought out” in much of the body politic. Smith identifies himself as a Methodist pastor from Pulaski, Tenn. He doesn’t pull punches. Smith says, flat out, that some folks oppose reform because they think it will diminish the quality of their health care in favor of “undeserving” poor … Continue reading

The No-News, No-Column Column

I don’t have a column this week. You see, I analyze and interpret the news, trying to find something that others haven’t touched. When there’s lots of news, I have a playground of riches. But during the past week, there were only two stories, and every reporter, columnist, commentator, pundit, bloviator, and blogger weighed in on it. There was nothing more I could add—from any perspective. There was the Tiger Woods story. It led off the TV newscasts and took page 1 newsprint for a couple of days, and then became a featured story the rest of the week. One day, the breaking news about Tiger was that he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. But, there was also the story … Continue reading