Kerry: Big Step Towards Affordable Accessible Health Care

Senator John Kerry released the following statement today after the Senate’s historic, Christmas Eve passage of comprehensive health care reform:

“This is a big step towards finally making affordable accessible health care a reality for every American,” said Sen. Kerry.  “It took 60 votes, it took the commitment of a Senate willing to put itself on the line and a White House committed to getting there, but what’s most important is that it happened. One thing I’m confident of, Ted Kennedy is up there smiling this morning because the man who spent his life working and leading and fighting on health care has seen his life’s work come closer to completion than ever before.”

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2 Responses to Kerry: Big Step Towards Affordable Accessible Health Care

  1. John Stone says:

    John Kerry is right on target as always! This bill is a great Christmas Gift for America! I know that Ted Kennedy is smiling down from heaven. Thank you Democrats! In years to come, this health care bill will go down in history as a great thing for all, just like Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Insurance and no one will know why anyone was against it!


  2. CAHC says:

    Most Americans oppose the proposed healthcare reform legislation. And for good reason.

    Insurance premiums may increase to $221 from $107 for the average 25 year-old healthy male and to $763 from $536 for the average working family of four according to some published reports.

    One reason people will pay more is because of the kinds of side deals that were cut to win votes in Congress.

    For example, there is a special “carve-out” that exempts some of the largest insurers (such as the Blue Cross/Blue Shield “not-for-profit” companies) from paying their share of the cost of the reform – even though these are some of the most profitable insurance companies, they operate the same way as the other insurance companies and they pay millions to their top executives. Senator Carl Levin of Michigan proposed this special exemption that benefits his home state Michigan Blue Cross/Blue Shield. His top campaign contributor over the past five years is Michigan Blue Cross/Blue Shield, according to

    By exempting Michigan Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other “non-profits” from paying the health care tax, consumers in other states who are insured by “for-profit companies” will pay even higher insurance costs, especially in states like Ohio, Virginia, Missouri, New York, Connecticut and Nevada, among many others where most insurers are for-profits.

    We should all be sure to tell Congress that we want health care reform that’s done right. Do away with special deals like the Levin Carve-Out that raise costs on working families.