Harry Reid May Be In No Hurry To Finish Healthcare Reform, But Others Are

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may be in “no rush” to complete the work that sends a finished healthcare reform bill to President Obama to sign into law, but a growing number of his colleagues disagree. Some lawmakers not only see an opportunity to enact health reform, but also a … Continue reading


The political right vociferously argues that much or most of the current agenda of the political left violates the intentions of the Founding Fathers, i.e. is unconstitutional. The claim being, in essence, that the genius displayed at the Convention in 1787 created a work product that was designed and intended … Continue reading

ANALYSIS: Obama Appears Not To Be The Political Dead Weight Dems Fear He Is

Coming off his first State of the Union address Wednesday, President Obama appears to be in better political shape with the American people than has been widely assumed. Already anxious going into this year’s midterm elections, the fear of many Democrats grew as Obama poll numbers continued to slide. That … Continue reading


Air America, the liberal radio network, went down in flames, Jan. 21, when it filed for bankruptcy. It wasn’t because of air-to-air combat with conservative talk shows and bloggers. It wasn’t because of the Recession, although reduced advertising revenue, a reality of all media, also affected Air America. It wasn’t … Continue reading

Haiti Telethon: Excess of Restraint in the Pursuit of Extravagant Generosity

I wasn’t able to watch the Haiti Telethon tonight, but the NYT has a very good review of it. The bottom line for tonight’s star studded extravaganza was that everyone “showed excess of restraint in the pursuit of extravagant generosity, ” in other word it wasn’t about the stars who … Continue reading