Save Money With A Financial Fast

With the economy still in miserable mode, I thought this was a great way to save money: A Financial Fast. 

Part of the fast is lay off using plastic, and the reasoning is very sound:

Curtailing your consumption is just one part of the fast. The second part is eliminating the use of plastic, both credit and debit. There’s a real danger in relying on credit even if you pay off your bill every month. Paying with plastic just makes buying too easy. Swipe, and within seconds you can be mired in debt. Let’s consider the example of purchasing a flat-screen television. If you had to stand at a cash register and count out bill after bill after bill after bill to pay the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for a television, you certainly would contemplate whether the purchase made financial sense. You might even do some mental accounting to calculate what debts you could pay down or pay off instead. Plastic doesn’t allow for that deliberation.

The article’s author, Michelle Singletary even recommends not using your debit card, because of that presnickity “over draft protection” that most banks give out freely these days and it winds up costing consumers big time if they are not watching their spending. I’m not one for carrying cash around, but I think it’s time to start the fast and change my spending habits.

All the do’s and don’t of the fast are included in the article.

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