MA Senate Special Election Heats Up

The special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate Seat heated up today with Martha Coakley coming down hard on the fact that Scott Brown does not pay for his staff’s health insurance:

“We already knew that Scott Brown didn’t want to make health insurance more affordable for Massachusetts families and businesses.  Now we learn that he won’t even make health insurance available for his own staff.  If he won’t stand up for the people he employs, how could we ever trust him to stand up for us?” Coakley said in a statement.

After Brown’s sudden surge in the polls last week, Coakley’s camp is pulling out all the stops with the who’s who of Democratic Party leaders coming to stump for her including President Obama.

H/T to David at Blue Mass Group for this video of a Scott Brown interview from 2008 that is making the rounds tonight:


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3 Responses to MA Senate Special Election Heats Up

  1. Citizen Dave says:

    REPOST. From a blog comment on the Boston JESSCABROWN Some Facts About Coakley (in no particular order). She: 1. Used her power to keep and innocent man in prison (Gerald Amirault) 2. Did not prosecute a pedophile priest (Geoghan) 3. Gave a corrupt, bribe-taking politician immunity (Wilkerson) 4. Allowed a child-rapist to go free because he was a union rep helping her campaign (Winfield) 5. Thinks there are no more terrorists in Afghanistan 6. Said “We need to get taxes up” in a debate in November 7. Was given an A rating by ACORN 8. Prosecuted a father who punched an illegal immigrant for touching his 4-year-old son in a supermarket bathroom stall 9. During the primary was against the healthcare bill, because it restricted abortion rights, but is now for the bill (which has not been finalized, so she doesn’t even know what’s in it) 10. Used $130,000 in state funds to fund her federal political campaign (reported in Boston Magazine) 11. Claimed that she and her husband had “no assets over $1000” on her financial statement 12. Misspelled Massachusetts in an ad (she probably didn’t create it, but would have checked it) 13. Flew to DC for her fundraiser; the host committee for which was composed of federal lobbyists, the leading drug companies, and the leading health insurance companies. Each has raised $10,000 or more for Coakley. 14. Used an image of the World Trade Center in an attack ad 15. Used a copyrighted slogan/image in an ad (UPS) 16. Thinks standing in front of Fenway shaking hands with voters would be a waste of her time 17. Took “time off” from campaigning after winning the primary 18. Is not supported by the police unions: Local 911, New England Police Benevolent Association, and Local 504, International Brotherhood of Police Officers, and her husband’s union, The Cambridge Police Patrol Officers have all endorsed Brown. 19. Paid union workers $50 to hold up Coakley signs 20. Said Catholic healthcare workers probably should not work in ERs 21. Ignored a reporter because he had a tough question for her 22. Claimed not to have seen that same reporter pushed and bullied by her staff (when there’s a photo of her looking right at them) 23. Said Schilling is a Yankee’s fan What have I missed?

  2. Citizen Dave2 says:

    It is obvious that you Democrats will stoop to any means, tell any lies to try to steal an election. If you want to understand the Democrat mindset, it is easy. Listen to what they say and promise, to their claims of others and reverse it. Absolutely true of “pinochio” Obamma. absolutely true of Pelosi. Absolutely true of Reid. And absolutely true of Croakly.

    For your information, your smug little announcer in your little clip has NO IDEA if “the messiah”‘s parents were married or not. It is simply a stock standard democrat, low IQ response – lie and deny – heck 30% of people are so stupid they will just believe it. Worked for “robin hood (steel from EVERYBODY, give to HIS buddies) Obama during the 08 election. Trouble is the other 70%, have figured it out. “The Great Deceiver”, for your information has refused to disclose ANYTHING about his background (ever hear the expression “what’s he got to hide?”), including his birth certificate (as opposed to a certificate of live birth – WAY beyond the average Dem to understand), his records from work as a lawyer, his school records (grades, couses, thesis or papers).

    One final little piece of advice to your little mentally challenged little interviewer – would not go astray with your “journalist as well: Old proverb: “better to keep mouth shut and have people wonder abouit your bintelligence, than open it and remove all doubt”

  3. Citzen Dave – It’s impossible to believe anything from a right wing rag like the Boston Herald – but thanks for sharing.