Kerry: Brown Supporters Engaged in Bullying

The Massachusetts special election to fill the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat is just a mere hours away and tensions are high here in Massachusetts. There’s a lot at stake for Democrats and Republicans who are very much in the minority here have found a candidate who they feel is a winner. needless to say at this point, both candidates are running hard and supporters are in the midst of a fevered battle for Kennedy’s seat.

Senator John Kerry called on Republican candidate Scott Brown today to “to curb his supporters saying that they have engaged in “bullying and threats” in recent days and that some of them are from out-of-state.”  

“I’m no stranger to hard fought campaigns, but what we’ve seen in the past few days is way over the line and reminiscent of the dangerous atmosphere of Sarah Palin’s 2008 campaign rallies. This is not how democracy works in Massachusetts,” Kerry said this afternoon in a statement.

“Scott Brown needs to speak up and get his out of state tea party supporters under control. In Massachusetts, we fight hard and win elections on the issues and on our differences, not with bullying and threats,” Kerry said.

Last night, a was video posted on the Web in which a s”upporter at a Brown rally on Sunday can be heard saying, “Shove a curling iron up her butt.” Brown can be seen grinning briefly right after the remark.”


Brown’s spokesman claims Brown “did not hear the man’s remark.”

The Boston Globe reports that “Senator Kerry also pointed to media reports of the theft and burning of lawn signs and “threatening comments” being posted on Facebook pages of Coakley and her supporters.”

All of the polls are very close at this point. There’s so much at stake in this special election. Please get out and vote here in Massachusetts and cast your vote for Martha Coakley.

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One Response to Kerry: Brown Supporters Engaged in Bullying

  1. John Stone says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the tactics that these Republicans use! Brown has pulled all the stops for running a dirty campaign. I live in Iowa, but I hope with all my heart that Martha Coakley wins this race. Thanks for calling them on it, John Kerry!

    Go Martha Coakley !!!!