Everyone Dropped the Ball

In the case of Martha Coakley’s loss to Scott Brown in Massachusetts… everyone dropped the ball:

As I’ve said, the Coakley campaign seems to have been run just terribly. And that’s just the beginning of it. But really, with all that’s at stake, the White House political office left this to Coakley, unsupervised? Really?

Now what? First: “Shut the *$%& Up!” And then… “Jon Chait has this right. The Dems need to relax, get to work, pass the bill and move on.”

More tomorrow…It’s been a rough night. I think Dems really need to listen to the Independents in Massachusetts however and find out just what Brown said that appealed to them so much. I’m just saying… this map tells a story.

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3 Responses to Everyone Dropped the Ball

  1. Matt says:

    Democrat commentators (eg, from this very site: http://thedemocraticdaily.com/2010/01/11/tea-baggers-and-populist-anger/ ) keep referring to the Tea Party people as “teabaggers”. Not only is this a sexual and sexist innuendo but one that alienates gay people, esp. gay men. In case the Dems have not been paying attention, gay people are one of their key sub-classes of supporters. Any time a 1% sway can get your agenda passed or failed, you better stop insulting (intended or not) a good 8-10% of your voting base. Also, guess what: The famed “Boston Tea Party” was done in…. Boston! You know, the state capital of Mass., when you just lost to the GOP. Mass. voters I am sure noticed this though you may have not.

    Another factor: Obama has been utterly MIA these past 2 weeks, maybe month. Where is he? POTUS must be a visible presence at least half the daylight hours, even when Haiti is in rubble. Bill Clinton understood this. POTUS’s job is 4 hrs of sleep + 16 hrs of work. Half that 16 hrs. must be in the light, giving speeches, doing businesses in public, etc. The other 8 hrs is reviewing, delegating, making major decisions fast and moving on. He must live on adrenaline and amphetamines for 4-10 years, depending on how crazy he is. It has been this way since WWI and sadly it must remain so for the position to be filled. So where are our 8 hrs of Obama/day? He is totally missing. He was MIA during the recent Mass. election, leaving it in the hands of fools and amateurs. Now his major domestic cause (health care) is DOA at the Senate and his next big thing (nationalizing student loans) is dead before it is even born. This man couldn’t get an animal welfare bill passed much less a total reorganization/nationalization of our system of educational lending.

    At just one year in, he is a lame duck. I am sorry to say for our country and for the health of a popularly-supported two-party system (which now, we will not have any time soon), the next three years will be just one continuous state of decline in all important ways due to a huge leadership vacuum. Soon the Demo party will look upon their support of Obama as THE mistake they made that sunk them, combined with their own inability to cooperate.

    Those “teabaggers” are about to put you out of business. And this is coming from someone who is not remotely affiliated with a single one of them, a non-party-aligned citizen, but one who votes. Good luck Dems., you will need it.

  2. cadmium says:

    As far as dropping the ball goes – I have to stick up a little for Kerry — he was early on warning supporters that teabaggers were flooding the state in cash and people. Maybe he could have put it in more effective language but unlike the media he was alerting peoople early on

  3. Kerry had hip replacement surgery on 1/4 and was recovering and rehabing until he got out and stumped for Coakley – in fact he was still recovering and rehabing when we did get out there.