Stop The Kennedy Smears

Via the NY Times…  Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films are leading the fight against a documentary about the Kennedy’s being slated for the History Channel:

A new mini-series about John F. Kennedy’s presidency that is being prepared by the History channel does not yet have a cast or a premiere date. Not a frame of footage has been shot. It does, however, have prominent critics who want it brought to a halt.

The critics, including Theodore C. Sorensen, a former Kennedy adviser, say they have read the scripts for the project and that those contain errors of fact and emphasis.

Watch this from Stop The Kennedy Smears:  

The script for the upcoming “The Kennedys” miniseries on The History Channel is right-wing character assassination, not “history.” Until The History Channel stops running politically motivated fiction as historical “fact,” I will refuse to watch their programming.

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2 Responses to Stop The Kennedy Smears

  1. Lori Zett says:

    As someone who lived through the Kennedy Years, who learned to understand the meaning of human dignity, freedom, love of country and social justice from John Kennedy, and currently an adjunct professor at Temple University, the idea that the “History Channel” would be a party to creating this abomination, this lie is incredible!
    Is there no honor left in the corporate media?

  2. Patrick says:

    A TV script should be allowed to be completed before it gets judged. Obviously, however, some critics obtained inside intel on what the motive behind this ‘in the making’ docudrama “The Kennedys,” is, as well as what the finished product will herald to its viewing audience. Is it good biography and historical principle to focus on the weak and shameful things of high profile people? Especially out of hatred, or political and cultural bias? What does it say of a generation which practices such denigration? Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, even ancient figures like King David, could all be easily skewered on the biased roaster of drama scriptwriters. Their actual blunders and shameful tendencies magnified and paraded on the screen, creating an uncomplimentary and inaccurate perspective of who these great men really were and what they accomplished, would not serve the cause of good history. In short, an honest portrayal of celebratory figures for the sake of objectivity and accuracy would not be one of soap opera venue, even though it would not at all hide their faults.

    The only thing Kennedy supporters can do is wait for the series to air and then do a a counter series of their own, which will effectively nullify the damaging aspects of this History Channel mini series.