CNN gets Astroturfed in story on Astroturf

The claim? That a “tea party” candidate in Nevada is a ‘ringer’ for Harry Reid, to split Republican opposition. But here’s the festering stinker in the tale by CNN [emphasis added]:

March 10, 2010

A Tea Party Fake
?Posted: March 10th, 2010 12:25 PM ET
From CNN National Political Correspondent Jessica Yellin

… A spokesman for Tea Party Express, a national Tea Party group that is encouraging efforts to defeat Reid at the ballot box in November, says it does not view Ashjian as a serious candidate. They say he’s not speaking at either of their two rallies in Nevada on March 27, when they kick off their third Tea Party cross country caravan with events in Searchlight (Harry Reid’s hometown) and Las Vegas, but they say he’s welcome to attend. Tea Party Express also says they are not endorsing any candidate in the Nevada GOP senate primary…

Really? And who would that be? Mark Williams?

Tea Party Express is one of the most flagrant examples of astroturf in the land, the poster critter for fake grass roots.

Take a look at their website, and note that I’ve covered this before:

Oh, and it would be a heckuva lot less disingenuous for CNN to have IDENTIFIED the alleged “spokesman” of the Russo Marsh + Rogers group.

You’d think with all the coverage that the (highly profitable) RM+R bus has gotten any reporter not COMATOSE would have noticed that. An embarrassment to any “national political correspondent,” fer sure.

Oh, wait, we’re talking CNN.

CNN’s crud ‘journalism’ strikes again: conned and blankly oblivious.

Shame on you, Jessica Yellin (unless, of course, you have none).


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2 Responses to CNN gets Astroturfed in story on Astroturf

  1. Its hard to take the tea party seriously when they come across so radical sometimes.

  2. Hart Williams says:

    Unfortunately, whoever the “Tea Party” is, we can’t know from the “Tea Party Express.”

    The TPE, a new label for Our Country Deserves Better PAC BEGAN as Move America Forward, dreamed up by Russo Marsh + Rogers — a Sacramento, California GOP political shop-for-hire — as an astroturf Anti-Cindy Sheehan bus tour, paralleling the anti-war bus tour, using the same people as the Tea Party Express: Mark Williams, Melanie Morgan and Deborah Johns, among others. San Diego congresscritter and man behind the Gray Davis Recall Darryl Issa was a founder and bus rider back in the Stop Cindy Sheehan days, as well*. Don’t know if he’s still “on the bus.’

    * See:

    Even at one point, IIRC, they got Pentagon funding for one leg of their RAH RAH war tour!

    Hell, they may even be using the same bus.