ANALYSIS: In Face of Conservative Hysteria, ‘Bush’s Brain’ Karl Rove Turns Census Shill

Karl Rove wants you to complete your Census form.

His friends on the Right may see the nation’s decennial headcount as some nefarious leftist plot, but not the former White House adviser once known as “Bush’s brain.”

Rove — a top adviser and deputy chief of staff for most of George W. Bush’s presidency who is believed to have masterminded one of the most political White House operations in history — wants you to take him into your homes in his new role as civic-minded American.

Now a partisan commentator for Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, Rove has recorded a public service video that encourages Americans to return their Census forms.

Rove clearly is talking to right-wingers and “tea party” activists by saying in his PSA,”If you’ve not yet mailed back your 2010 Census form, it’s not too late. Please, answer the 10 easy questions. They are almost the same ones Madison helped write for the first census in 1790.”

In the last decade, it was Rove who wrote the talking points among those on the right wing. Yet now he seems not to have gotten the memo that urges conservatives to whip up hysteria by portraying the Census as nothing but the intrusive hand of Big Government.

Rove’s view of the Census directly contradicts that of conservative heroine Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Mich.), who says her family will only partially complete their Census form. Bachmann says her family only will report the number of people living in the household because “the Constitution doesn’t require any information beyond that.”

She says the 2010 Census is “very intricate” and “very personal,” and suggested a link between filling out the Census and the government being able to round up Americans, as was done in World War II.

A Census spokeswoman has said that anyone who refuses to answer questions on his or her Census form faces a $5,000 fine.

What Bachmann seems not to grasp, but Rove does, is that Republicans potentially could lose — big time, in the words of former vice president Dick Cheney — if they are undercounted, which could in turn cut the number of GOP-leaning congressional districts.

Rove is not the only Census spokesperson. He is joined by civil rights legend Dorothy Height, Miss America Caressa Cameron, entertainer Donny Osmond, among others — including the socialist-in-chief himself, President Obama.

The publisher of the news site On The Hill, Scott Nance has covered Congress and the federal government for more than a decade.

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One Response to ANALYSIS: In Face of Conservative Hysteria, ‘Bush’s Brain’ Karl Rove Turns Census Shill

  1. John Stone says:

    Karl Rove is scum! I watched him plug his book on C-span.He lied and lied. It made me sick! I was glad that protesters ruined some of his book signings. He participated in and helped orchestrate the Bush- Cheney reign of corruption on America and the world!