BP Disaster Spills Into Cajun Politics As Carville Pitches Melancon For Senate

Two Democrats appear to have emerged as heroes from the ongoing Gulf Coast oil spill — and now one of them is boosting the Senate candidacy of the other. Longtime Democratic strategist and native Louisianan James Carville used an email Sunday to drum up support for Rep. Charlie Melancon’s bid … Continue reading

Obama Group Readies For Senate GOP’s Planned ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Obstruction

President Obama is mobilizing the network of millions of Web-connected supporters he built in the 2008 campaign to counter threats Republicans are making to block a repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Organizing for America (OFA), a Democratic advocacy group built from Obama’s campaign apparatus, emailed the … Continue reading

House Bill Puts Main Street Ahead Of Wall Street — But Now What Will The Senate Do?

Aiming to put the needs of Main Street ahead of Wall Street, the House Friday approved legislation to clamp down on corporations that avoid paying taxes and provide incentives to create American jobs. It’s now up to the Senate to decide whether to maintain a provision of the bill that … Continue reading

For Obama’s War, Reid Says: ‘Stay The Course’

Majority Leader Harry Reid went to the Senate floor to fume at the commander-in-chief. Reid complained of the long deployments troops had to endure, and of the high costs to the American taxpayer, for a war that continued to drag on, seemingly without end. “The President still doesn’t understand that … Continue reading

Dean Group Mounts BP Boycott Over Spill

A group of progressives associated with the former head of the Democratic Party is urging supporters to boycott BP until the energy giant cleans up the continuing massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The call for the boycott Thursday by Democracy for America (DFA) comes a month into … Continue reading

War Spending Bill Also Includes Bucks For Jobs, Oil Spill Cleanup, And More

The House Appropriations Committee is expected to vote Thursday on a supplemental spending bill designed to continue funding combat operations in Afghanistan which also includes billions to save teaching jobs nationwide, start addressing cleanup due to the BP oil spill, and other domestic initiatives. The legislation would provide more than … Continue reading

BP’s Spill Liability Not Capped If Company Guilty Of Wrongdoing, Senate Panel Told

BP could be subject to unlimited damages and liability for the massive, month-old oil spill unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico if the disaster was caused by the company’s wrongdoing, a top Justice Department official says. That means the energy giant could be liable for billions of dollars for the … Continue reading

Mrs. Ayn Rand Paul’s Fishiness Sticks

We Americans are so used to viewing everything through a racial lens (and, in the East, through an exclusively Black and White lens — although the haters are beginning to pick up Hispanics on their radar as the “Ni**ers of the Twenty First Century” replete with the slurs, the insistence that they “speak English,” the attempt to redline the entire USA via, evidently, a fence — and, thus, we only see Rand Paul as a “racist.” Continue reading