DNC To Spend $50 Million Or More On ‘One Of Most Ambitious Midterm Campaign Programs’ In History

Facing a troubling a potentially troubling political environment heading into the 2010 elections, the Democratic National Committee intends to spend at least $50 million to bolster the chances of Democrats running nationwide, according to a top DNC official. To keep those plans on track, the DNC is hoping to raise … Continue reading

Republicans Slam Marshall For Activism, But Al Franken Says It Is Conservatives Who Are ‘Legislating From The Bench’

Republicans opened the confirmation hearing for Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court Monday with a sustained attack on her and her mentors — particularly the late Thurgood Marshall — for their perceived judicial activism. A Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee acknowledged such activism exists, but that it is … Continue reading

Capitol Idea: Sen. Byrd: A Difficult, But Indispensible, American Hero

The death of Ted Kennedy last summer brought a flow of tears from liberals and progressives and prompted what amounted to national days of mourning as the old liberal lion was eulogized and laid to rest. Reaction to the passing of Sen. Robert C. Byrd, by contrast, is likely to … Continue reading

Those Electronic Health Records Obama Has So Invested In Could Open New Liability Risks

President Obama has long trumpeted the benefits of more quickly adopting electronic health records, and he and his administration like to talk about such benefits of health information technology and claim they will reduce health care costs and improve medical outcomes. While it’s true that the advantages of digital records … Continue reading

The Civilian and the General: The Reality Behind the McChrystal Interview Fall-Out

For a few days last week, the harpies of the extreme right assaulted the president of the United States for first considering, and then firing Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of allied forces in Afghanistan. In a 10-day interview with Michael Hastings of Rolling Stone, McChrystal and his senior aides poked … Continue reading

Senator Wants Attorney General To Have Power To Clean Up ‘Captive Regulators’

A Democratic senator has proposed granting the U.S. attorney general new powers to overhaul federal regulatory agencies found to have become “captive” of the industries they are intended to oversee, as was the case with the Interior Department branch which was supposed to prevent a catastrophe such as the Gulf … Continue reading

Despite ‘Modest’ Reforms, Some See Big Help For Consumers In Final Financial Bill

Although many supporters of tighter financial regulation believe the final reform bill unveiled Friday doesn’t go far enough, some see within it important new protections for consumers. Members of the congressional financial reform conference committee announced a deal on what a final financial reform package will look like, reconciling differences … Continue reading

House Passes DISCLOSE Act With NRA Exception, Sparking Outrage On Both Sides

The House narrowly approved a bill Thursday designed to lend transparency to a flood of corporate spending to influence elections expected as a result of a January Supreme Court decision, and in so doing inflamed anger on both the political Left and Right. Members passed the Democracy is Strengthened by … Continue reading

Millions of Unemployed Americans Set To Lose Big As Senate Fumbles This ‘Political Football’

Senate Democrats could do little more than kick up a fuss Thursday as Republicans once again joined to block a vote on a jobs and tax bill that also would extend needed unemployment benefits to jobless Americans. Democratic failure to overcome a GOP filibuster of the American Jobs and Closing … Continue reading

Top Democrats Rally Around Gen. Petraeus, As Even MoveOn Goes Silent On ‘Betray Us’

A number of key Democrats quickly announced their support Wednesday for President Obama’s decision to replace his “Runaway General” in Afghanistan with another military commander best known for his service in Iraq. Further, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee promised a speedy confirmation process for Gen. David Petraeus. … Continue reading