Foster’s Dominionist Pals

It couldn’t be more timely. Today, we can look at one of the big players in the National Christian Foundation’s largesse pot of cash: The American Family Association. Here are their top “blog” posts today. There is also a video of a man in front of a newsy microphone inveighing against homosexuals who are raising children, etcetera.

  • In Support of Mosques
  • Darwinism and Truth
  • Democrats, Please Follow New York Times’ Advice (by David Limbaugh)
  • The Changing American Family
  • No more mosques, period
  • Why I’m Conservative
  • Judge Walker’s Clinic in the Power of Words To Deceive
  • Computer Hackers and Terrorist Backers
  • Gov. Jan Brewer vs. Chuck Norris
  • Grounds for impeachment: robbing seven million
  • The “In Support of Mosques” post was slapped up AFTER the NO MORE MOSQUES blog posting prima facie because it responds to the amazing anti-One-Billion-Muslims posting that the “Christian” American Family Association has proudly posted. Make no mistake, the “freedom of religion” post holds its nose while attempting to rebut the religious bigot who insists that ALL of Islam is set up to completely, totally DESTROY AMERICA!

    i. How Foster Friess, the NCF and the AFA are linked

    That’s the part that the national press are cluelessly harping on WITHOUT ASKING THE NEXT QUESTION.

    You might recognize the AFA under the name they were originally organized under, in 1977, the first days of the Carter Administration: The National Federation for Decency–headed (until his retirement this March), by Rev. Donald Wildmon, only one letter away from Truth in Advertising: “wild man.” Now, it’s run by his son, Tim, from Tupelo, Mississippi, as has it ever been.

    Which brings us to our Bible Reading: The Gospel of Mark, Chapter 5, King James Version (slightly cleaned up and emphasis added):

    And they came over unto the other side of the sea, into the country of the Gadarenes. And when [Jesus] was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit, who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no man could bind him, no, not with chains: Because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces: neither could any man tame him. And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones. But when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshipped him,and cried with a loud voice, and said, “What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God, that thou torment me not.” For [Jesus] said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit. And [Jesus] asked him, “What is thy name?” And he answered, saying, “My name is Legion:  for we are many…”

    Yes.  Their names are legion, but just look at the works of the modestly entitled American Family Association (all as “charitable” fully tax deductible activities). From Wikipedia (click on subhead for relevant subsection):

    The American Family Association (AFA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes conservative Christian values such as traditional marriage, anti-pornography, and pro-life activism, as well as other public policy goals such as deregulation of the oil industry and lobbying against the Employee Free Choice Act. It was founded in 1977 by Rev. Donald Wildmon as the National Federation for Decency and is headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi. Donald Wildmon served as chairman of AFA until he announced his retirement on March 3, 2010. His son, Tim, who is president of AFA, is expected to take over as chairman.

    The AFA defines itself as “a Christian organization promoting the biblical ethic of decency in American society with primary emphasis on TV and other media.” It pursues its views and other issues through a number of activism efforts, including boycotts, buycotts, Action alert e-mails, publications on the AFA’s web sites or in the AFA Journal, broadcasts on American Family Radio, and lobbying. The organization has an annual budget of roughly US$14 million and owns 180 American Family Radio stations in 28 states. […]

    View of Judaism Wildmon has stated that he believes obscene content on television and in movies is a result of the media being controlled by Jews, who intentionally place anti-Christian messages and activities into their programming to undermine Christianity. […]

    Pro-Christian bible activism On November 28, 2006, following the election of Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to the United States Congress, the AFA released an “Action Alert.” The Action Alert, entitled “A first for America…The Koran replaces the Bible at swearing-in oath: What book will America base its values on, the Bible or the Koran?”, requested subscribers write their Congressional representatives and urge them to create a “law making the Bible the book used in the swearing-in ceremony of representatives and senators.” On July 13, 2007, a Hindu prayer was conducted in the U.S. Senate. Rajan Zed, director of interfaith relations at a Hindu temple, read the prayer at the invitation of Senate majority leader Harry Reid, who defended his invitation based on the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. AFA sent out an “Action Alert” to its members to e-mail, write letters, or call their Senators to oppose the Hindu prayer, stating it is “seeking the invocation of a non-monotheistic god.” The “alert” stated that “since Hindus worship multiple gods, the prayer will be completely outside the American paradigm, flying in the face of the American motto One Nation Under God.” […]

    Intellectual freedom Individuals in the media industry have criticized Donald Wildmon, the founder of AFA. Gene Mater, Senior Vice President of CBS Television, has stated, “We look upon Wildmon’s efforts as the greatest frontal assault on intellectual freedom this country has ever faced” and Brandon Tartikoff, former NBC Entertainment President, stated that Wildmon’s boycott campaign was “the first step toward a police state.”  [emphasis added]

    And, in this one organization, culled from multiple lines in the listing of NCF recipients, their name IS legion:

    Divisions of the American Family Association

    American Family Radio keeps you informed and encouraged with Christ-centered programs and music! keeps you informed and engaged from a Christian point of view on issues that affect you.[Note: Formerly known as AgapePress] was begun to give dads an impact on all the negative influences our children are forced to contend with. is an online community of mothers aimed at stopping the exploitation of our children.

    The AFA Journal is a monthly publication of the American Family Association.

    AFA Planned Giving helps you select the best means of leaving a legacy that lasts for generations to come. is the Internet pornograpy filter recommended by the American Family Association. [Note: uh, DUH!]

    The American Family Association ($134,250 + $7900 addtional line items) and American Family Radio ($143,250) received a total of $285,400  to spread their unrelenting bigotry from the National Christian Foundation in 2008. (Just a drop in the bucket from the $440 million the NCF spent in 2008.)

    And, let us not forget the “ministries”

    AFA Supported Ministries is a website that provides resources for home schoolers across the country and is a counterpart to the channel on the SkyAngel network.

    Awaken Generation is a website dedicated to reaching out to a generation that has fallen asleep to Christ. is a website that invites people to attend or organize a rally in their community.

    Yup. They have their own tea party.

    The AFA Channel is now one of the many channels on the Sky Angel Network . is the website for the In The Fight Fellowship, challenging Christians to take a stand for Christian principles.

    A “Christian” Fight Club? offers guided tours to national historic sites with a Christian heritage. Join Tim Wildmon for a Holy Land Tour March 12 – 2

    Nor the products from the “store”

    Featured Products

    Sue Thomas F.B.Eye Complete Volumes were inspired by a true story of a deaf woman whose whose unique lip reading ability lands her on the F.B.I’s elite surveillance team.

    The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry follows two twelve year old boys looking forward to a summer of fun. What happens is something they will never forget!

    Fathers of Vision equips fathers with the vision to be who God called them to be.

    State of the Nation with Ken Ham 09 features Answers in Genesis/Creation Museum founder Ken Ham. Get the entire webcast.

    Making the Constitution Obsolete will help you understand what is happening to America’s economic and cultural heritage.

    The Heart of Texas pierces the heart of a small community on the quiet Texas plains.

    The American Heritage Series will inspire every American to reclaim the Godly, true story of our nation.

    And let’s not forget their “hot topics.”

    AFA Hot Topics

    • The Home Depot fires patriotic Christian, approves homosexuals
    • You won’t believe what Sears is selling
    • Time to impeach Judge Vaughn Walker
    • AFA makes it official: Don’t shop at The Home Depot
    • Public university threatens to throw out student for her Christian beliefs
    • President Obama deceives public on ObamaCare funding for abortion
    • Help return In God We Trust to every schoolroom in America
    • iVote: Billboard companies join American people who are fed up with Washington

    And that’s just the first page of their site!

    I’m not going to waste time further on them: They are bigots of the worst and most intolerant sort. They live in an unholy melange of Jesus George Washington Founding Fathers Jesus, Mary and Mammon, and we need to keep focused, here, because this is just a small part of the nastiness that NCF funds.

    If they wore White Sheets and burned crosses a la the 1920s Ku Klux Klan, their “Americanism” and “Christian Values” would be indistinguishable from that non-August body.

    Not hyperbole — fact.

    And, despite their ravings, there is no Christi in that Corpus. WWJD? Not AFA, fer sure, dudes. But that’s only a way IN to that gargantuan rats’ nest I keep uncovering, having made the unwise (as it turns out) decision to take a couple of days to look at the “eccentric” zillionaire, hyper-“Christian” former stock market wheeler-dealer and now fake Cowboy Foster S. Friess of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

    Because, as Friess’ connection through the gargantuan money machine that is the NCF is logically tenuous, his connection through a highly secretive “dominionist” group is NOT. You remember the NCF? From Michael Reynolds’ 2006 investigation:

    NCF relentlessly plows deeper in the fields with Ron Blue’s Christian Financial Professionals Network; Burkett’s Crown Financial Ministries, The Christian Medical and Dental Association and dozens more. In 2003 NCF sank over $1.115 million into these groups, with almost all of that going to Generous Giving.

    “The pooling of their resources is incredible, said [J.J.] McNab [a leading charitable and insurance analyst who recently testified before the Senate Finance Committee on donor-advised funds]. “These are very smart people who have put together a very powerful network. This is about multi-layer marketing, kind of like Amway.”

    “This is what’s called an aggressive accommodation charity–in this case accommodating evangelical Christians, especially those on the right.” McNab continued. “And it is a huge growing segment. This is about recruiting financial advisers and pulling them in with their clients to NCF. They are marketing and recruiting down the food chain and bringing them into the network. I see this as an attempt to build an empire.”

    And it’s one that we’ve covered here before. Let’s let Michael Reynolds set us up from his sadly neglected investigative report from 2006 (which you still NEED to read, if you haven’t already), “Inside America’s #1 Religious Right Money Machine“:”

    In December 1982, six months after the Council For National Policy’s first meeting, NCF was co-founded by Atlanta tax attorney Terry Parker, bible-based investment advisor Ron Blue and the late Christian financial pundit and CNP charter member Larry Burkett. Burkett, who died from cancer in 2003, began his service in the Christian Right in the 1970s as financial director with Bright’s Campus Crusade For Christ. In 1994 Dobson and Burkett, along with Bill Bright, D. James Kennedy, Gary Bauer and Donald Wildmon formed the Alliance Defense Fund and installed Allan Sears as its director. All were members of the CNP.

    NCF board members Jim Blankemeyer and Anthony Wauterlek are also CNP members. In addition, Wauterlek serves as a director of Focus On The Family board, joining with eight other CNP members including Dobson and his wife, Shirley. In 1998 David Wills left Focus On the Family where he was director of fundraising to become president of NCF.

    Until 2001, Ron Blue was on the board of the Family Research Council. In 1999 he served as financial director for FRC chief Gary Bauer’s ill-fated campaign for the GOP Presidential nomination. He currently serves on Bright’s Campus Crusade For Christ board.

    In 2003 thirty percent of NCF’s total revenues came from five donors who collectively contributed $54.774 million, more than doubling the amount this same quintet provided the year before. Ron Blue serves on the board of the leading donor to NCF– The Maclellan Foundation, headed by insurance billionaires CNP member Robert H. Maclellan and his cousin Hugh O. Maclellan, Jr.

    Smashing Catholic icons in Netherlands, c. 1566

    We’ve seen the Council for National Policy before, in “Dominionist Hoedown in Salt Lake City and YOU ain’t Invited,” ( The Democratic Daily, 30 Sept, 2007), and “Dominionist Hoedown Links (update)” (30 September 2007):

    OK. So who’s this “dominionist” gaggle that’s having a hoedown, and where’s the hoedown?

    Well, this is the bunch, according to Raw Story:

    Founded in 1981 by Tim LaHaye, the co-author of the popular post-apocalyptic Christian-themed Left Behind books, the group holds confidential meetings three times a year attended by a small but powerful cadre of top conservatives.

    “The media should not know when or where we meet or who takes part in our programs, before of after a meeting,” one of the group’s rules reads, according to a New York Times profile of the organization in 2004.

    “The membership list is ‘strictly confidential,” said the Times. “Guests may attend ‘only with the unanimous approval of the executive committee’.”

    But WHO the heck are we talking about?

    I will talk about that in more detail further down. But right now, let’s draw the line from the NCF to the AFA to the Council  for National Policy Domini0nists and Foster Friess. They are extremely secretive, of course, but membership has been slowly delineated by various research groups. Here’s a pretty good one. The Watchmen on the Wall* have done a lot of good gumshoeing on this one:

    Foster playing “cowboy”

    [* NOTE to Debunkers: don’t waste your time on this one. There are MANY corroborating listings of CFP membership, I link to the cleanest-looking site for the reader’s ease in looking at the supporting evidence. HW]

    Rev. Donald Wildmon– CNP Board of Governors (1982). President of the Coalition for Better Television, Founder of the National Federation for Decency, and a member of the Advisory Board of Moon-affiliated Christian Voice. [Miller 7] Member of Steering Committee of Coalition on Revival (COR) [Bellant (CC) 43]. President of American Family Association, Inc. (AFA) AFA is cooperating with other ministries in this joint effort despite the fact that we have our own law center. AFA is also joining in the funding of this organization to fight leftwing liberal groups such as the ACLU and People for the American Way. Don Wildmon is a founding member along with Dr. James Dobson of Focus in the Family, Larry Burkett of Christian Financial Concepts, Dr. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries, Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ, and Marlin Maddoux of Point of View. Continued providing free legal help to Christians to defend their First Amendment rights and helping prosecutors in obscenity trials through the American Family Association Law Center. Participated in the founding of Alliance Defense Fund, Inc., an organization which raises funds and supports legal cases of pro-family causes across the country. 1995 operating budget over $7 million. [GuideStar]

    And from the same database:

    Foster Friess – CNP Executive Committee (1994); Board of Governors (1996). Founder and chairman, Friess Associates, Inc.; member, 1986 National Finance Committee, Pete du Pont for President, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee; founder, the Life Enrichment Foundation; member, Advisory Council, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences of Stockholm.

    Not bad for a climate change denier who supports “creationist” charities, eh? Oh, and let’s not forget  (same page):

    Larry Burkett –CNP Membership Roster (1996, 1999). Founder and CEO, Christian Financial Concepts.

    They leave off the fact that Burkett was one of the three founding members of NCF (he passed away in 2003), intimately involved in creating that “Amway” style marketing machine that is NCF. Here’s the “Board of Governors” for the secretive “Council for National Policy” (there are probably all kinds of interesting cross connections that I’m missing. Readers are invited to enlighten me (see page for clickable bios) Note “Foster Friess”:

    Board of Governors As of May 1998

    Howard Ahmanson
    Sam Moore
    James S. Price
    Elsa Prince
    (mother of Blackwater’s Erik Prince, and “All Children Matter”s Betsy DeVos)

    Daniel B. Allison II
    T. Kenneth Cribb
    James Martin Hill
    Rich Riddle
    Thomas R. Anderson
    James Czirr
    Roland Hinz
    John Scribante
    Thomas Armstrong
    Beverly Danielson
    Donald Paul Hodel*
    Lynda Scribante
    Edward G. Atsinger III
    Rich DeVos
    Mary Reilly Hunt
    Dal Shealy
    John Beckett
    Ann Drexel
    Lorena Jaeb
    Jim R. Smith
    Ray Berryman
    Stuart W Epperson
    Woody Jenkins
    Lowell Smith
    James K. Blinn
    Jerry Falwell (dead anti-Teletubby Activist)
    Tim LaHaye (CNP founder and “author” of ghost-written “Left Behind” book series)

    Geraldine Snyder
    Robert L. Cone
    Edwin J. Feulner, Jr**
    (** president of Heritage Foundation, funded originally by Coors family, 1973)

    Jerome M. Ledzinski
    Stacy Taylor
    Peter C. Cook
    Foster Friess
    Edward A Lozick
    Christine Vollmer
    Holland H Coors
    H. Preston Hawkins
    Mac Magruder
    Craig Welch
    Jeffrey Coors
    Thomas D. Hess
    James D. McCotter
    Paul Weyrich (first director of the Heritage Foundation)

    George Schultz, Ed Meese, Donald Hodel, when serving in Reagan Cabinet

    [* bio for Hodel: “Co-director with Randy Tate for the National Christian Coalition. Formerly on Focus on the Family Executive Board until 1998; former chairman, Independence Institute; founder and a Managing Director of Summit Group International, Ltd. [See Harry V. Helton] Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior (1985-1989), Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy (1982-85), and Under Secretary of the Interior (1981-1982) in the Reagan Administrations.”]

    You may wonder at the dates of CNP membership. That’s because they are secretive as hell, and it’s required a lot of investigators’ time in tracking them down. The point that Wildmon, Friess and Larry Burkett were all in bed together is, however, indisputable.

    “Christ Casting Out The Legion of Devils” (Bruce Connor 1987)

    And, here’s some more CNP members that you ought to know about, besides AFA’s Donald Wildmon (and now, undoubtedly his son and heir to the hate-empire, Tim) [this has been condensed without ellipses] and there’s a WHOLE lot more where these came from:

    Phyllis Schlafly – CNP Board of Governors (1982)

    Joseph F. Farah – CNP Membership Directory (1996, 1998, 1999). Author, veteran newsman, and media consultant; owner, Farah & Associates, an editorial consulting company, clients have included Rush Limbaugh … [Note, Farah publishes World Net Daily; was ghostwriter of Rush Limbaugh’s See I Told You So. HW]

    Richard DeVos – CNP Executive Committee (1984-85); CNP Senior Executive Committee (1986-88, 1990-93). Founder of Amway Corporation; Templeton Foundation – judge for the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion; Bd. of Directors of (33º Mason) Robert Schuller Ministries, Newcomen Society, Trustee of (33º Mason) Gerald R. Ford Foundation, Round Table. Served on Chairman’s Council of the Conservative Caucus (Note: Founded Amway. Father of Richard and (school ‘choice’ fanatic) Betsy DeVos, who have both run as GOP candidate for Governor of Michigan and served as chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, respectively. Erik Prince of Blackwater is her brother. HW)

    Rich DeVos – CNP Excecutive Committee (1994); Board of Governors (1996). (Note: Son of Richard.)

    Dr. James Dobson– CNP Board of Governors (1982). Associate of Pediatrics, USC School of Medicine. Founder and Director of Focus on the Family. Signed 1993 Covenant of Mutual Respect responding to objections of Catholic and Jewish leaders in Colorado Springs that “Jewish and Catholic youth were being evangelized at school.” In this covenant, Focus on the Family, Young Life, International Students, Inc., and the Navigators agreed to cease such activities out of respect for other religious beliefs….

    Willard Garvey – CNP Directory (1984-85; 1988; 1996, 1998, 1999). The National Center for Privatization was founded by Willard Garvey and other Wichita, Kansas businessmen. Its 1986, its Board of Directors included Willard Garvey and Robert D. Love, a founding member of National Council of The John Birch Society

    Lawrence D. “Larry” Pratt– CNP Membership Roster (1984-85; 1988; 1996; 1998). president of Gun Owners of America (GOA); Co-chair of Pat Buchanan’s 1996 campaign; Formerly a board member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), founded by Paul Weyrich. Under the auspices of CIS, Pratt was president of the racist, anti-immigration English First. [Project Megiddo: Pratt House] … served as an executive in Howard Phillips’ U.S. Taxpayers Party. “At its 1994 convention, USTP sold a paramilitary manual entitled ‘Principles Justifying the Arming and Organizing of a Militia’… In short, it is a manual that prepares the recruit for underground war.

    Pat Robertson – CNP Board of Governors (1982); CNP Executive Committee (1985-86). President of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), host of the famous “The 700 Club”, and founder of CBN University. [Miller 5] … Robertson’s religious profiteering is legendary, from his use of Operation Blessing airplanes to transport equipment to his diamond mine in the Congo, to support for violent dictators such as President Mobuto of Zaire and Rios Montt of Guatemala, to the sale of his Family Channel to Rupert Murdoch for $1.9 billion. The latest capitalist venture on the money trail of Pat Robertson was the reinvestment of his profit from selling the Family Channel in an aborted deal with the Bank of Scotland to make use of his financial services company to enter the American market. [IFAS]

    Rev. R. J. Rushdoony– CNP Board of Governors (1982). Author; President of Chalcedon Foundation. [Miller 6] Chalcedon Foundation, a Reconstructionist think tank that is funded by millionaire California banker Howard Ahmanson. About 400 theologians, artists, writers, economists and politicians attended the Chalcedon foundation’s conference, The Committee for Biblical Principles in Government held in November of 1997 in Sacramento, California. Dr. Rousas J. Rushdoony is considered to be the modern patriarch of the Christian Reconstruction Movement. Chalcedon promotes the erroneous concept of Christian foundations of the United States government and the Christian duty to reclaim America.

    So, guess where Sarah Palin’s comments that America is a “Christian nation” founded on “Biblical principles” and “the Ten Commandments” comes from?

    Howard Ahmanson, Jr.– CNP Board of Governors (1996). Member, Council for National Policy; major financial supporter and board member, Chalcedon; President of Fieldstead and Co.; Fieldstead Foundation. Ahmanson is an Orange County financier who inherited Home Savings of America from his father, has spent millions (over $4 million) promoting far-right candidates, first in California and then nationwide. Ahmanson served for more than 20 years on the board of the Chalcedon Institute in Vallecito, California, a think tank devoted to the teachings of its leader, the Rev. Rousas John Rushdoony (CNP).

    Gary Bauer – CNP Executive Committee (1996). Founded the Family Research Council, in 1983, merged with Focus on the Family from 1988-1992 … Bauer ran as a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the U.S. In February of 2000, Bauer withdrew and endorsed pro-abortion candidate, John McCain.

    The Temptation of St. Anthony,
    engraving by by Martin Schongauer, c. 1470-1475

    And, of course:

    Larry Burkett -CNP Membership Roster (1996, 1999). Founder and CEO, Christian Financial Concepts. (Co-Founder NCF, died in 2002.)

    Foster Friess – CNP Executive Committee (1994); Board of Governors (1996). Founder and chairman, Friess Associates, Inc.; member, 1986 National Finance Committee, Pete du Pont for President, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee … John Templeton Foundation Board of Advisors: “Founder of firm that manages approximately $7 billion in equities including the Brandywine mutual funds. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin in 1958, Foster is past president of the Council for National Policy which networks leaders in the U.S. committed to a strong national defense, traditional values, and the free enterprise system…” On the Mother Jones List of Top 400 Political Donors, Foster Friess ranked #14 in 1997

    By their lunatic nutballs, ye shall know them …

    ii. Dominionists Über Alles

    Here, from 9 September 2008’s “The Limits of Religious Tolerance“:

    Antinomianism (from the Greek ????, “against” + ?????, “law”), or lawlessness (in the Greek Bible: ??????,[1] which is “unlawful”), in theology, is the idea that members of a particular religious group are under no obligation to obey the laws of ethics or morality as presented by religious authorities.[2] Antinomianism is the polar opposite of legalism, the notion that obedience to a code of religious law is necessary for salvation.

    The term has become a point of contention among those opposed to religious authorities. Few groups or sects explicitly call themselves “antinomian”, but the charge is often leveled by some sects against competing sects. … (Wikipedia)

    This is important to what follows.

    My ultimate thesis is this, which has been personally mind-boggling to try and wrap one’s brain around, believe me, but this is clearly where the evidence points):

    my precioussssss

    There has been, since the Watergate Days, a vast and interlinked money machine fueling the takeover of the Republican Party comprised of three wings:

    • the “Neoconservatives” (founded by Billy Kristol’s father, Irving Kristol), who produced that infamous “What we need is a Pearl Harbor” blueprint for the Iraq war, and have thus fallen from favor and power
    • the “Religious Right” which is, increasingly and fundamentally comprised of Apocalyptic “end times” sects that are mistakenly lumped together with “fundamentalists” or the “Religious Right” — whose philosophy is “Render Unto God that which is Caesar’s” and probably “God will then Render unto you that which was Caesar’s”, and
    • The non-libertarian “libertarian” Koch machine, which includes the State Policy Network, George Mason University, the Howie Rich gang, the “drown government in a bathtub” Grover Norquists, etc. etc. etc. (As I’ve covered at length).

    Right now, unbelievably, the Dominionist wing is making common cause with the “It’s MY money” Glibertarian (“Greed is Good” and “the Virtue of Selfishness” wing) in a political alliance to take over the GOP, as bizarre as the common cause of the ’70s and early ’80s between hard core Feminists and hard-core Fundamentalists (and Conservative Catholics) to crusade against pornography. (A toxic brew that ultimately imploded because the allies were at antipodes about abortion rights.)

    Pat Robertson (from Barking Moonbats)

    But that’s not the mind-boggling part — as bizarre as it seems to imagine Pat Robertson in bed with Ayn Rand.

    Ayn’s Kampf

    What’s mind-boggling is that we have, since the early 1970s (although the roots go back to the nineteenth century) a HUGE schism within Protestant Christianity that rivals the split of the Catholic from the Orthodox church in the Fourth Century, or the Reformation , for that matter (Wikipedia):

    The Protestant Reformation was the European Christian reform movement that established Protestantism as a constituent branch of contemporary Christianity. It began in 1517 when Martin Luther published The Ninety-Five Theses, and concluded in 1648 with the Treaty of Westphalia that ended years of European religious wars.

    It is the schism that has produced the mindless religious bigotry of the American Family Association’s “No more mosques, period.”

    It is very real — and almost unheard of by the general population; worse, its consequences may well be fatal to our republic. Because, as that “Antinomian” point of view neatly excludes one from obeying the laws, the Dominionist philosophy insists that those very lawbreakers TAKE OVER the very system of laws that they spurn. Sarah Palin is part of this crowd, as is Foster Friess. A sort of political serial killer, the justification is “Jesus made me do it.”

    animation by Hart Williams 2010

    Sarah Palin (from Barking Moonbats)

    And that, friends, is a very dangerous place to be coming through. You’ll note from the citiation above that the Protestant Reformation required an expenditure of astonishing blood, treasure and time. Lasting 124 years, the Reformation not only INCLUDES the “Thirty Years War” and the “Eighty Years’ War” among others, but also the colonization of the Americas — by virtue of which we have a much heavier imprint from that Protestant Revolution than any other area of the world. We Americans are children of the Reformation AND the Enlightenment.

    The devastation of the religious wars (detail)

    [* Killing for Jesus is a brutal, bloody business, demonstrably. It is not a road that any sane society wants to go down, and is, in its outward manifestation, no less brutal than any Jihadist bloodshed. They only differ on the justifications; the carnage is pretty much the same.]

    There has been a devastating schism in American Christianity, and its seeds are bearing bitter fruit.

    So, why is this important NOW?

    Because the unholy mesh of “Me first!”ers with “Jesus First!”ers has produced a silent financial juggernaut that may well be funnelling huge amounts of laundered money into campaigns all over the land RIGHT NOW.

    And, given the Citizens United SCOTUS decision, if this alliance succeeds in buying the election, that will probably be the end of “representative democracy” except as an elaborate charade, much as Augustus became Emperor-in-fact by announcing the “restoration” of the Roman Senate and the “Republic.” As we used to say in debate, here’s the impact …

    Take a look at this Senate Investigation, from 1998:

    [Note: in 1998, the Republicans controlled Congress.]

    105th Congress; 2nd Session

    Senate Report 105-167 Part 5


    DATE: Ordered to be printed March 10, 1998

    (note – 95 Foster Freiss [sic] of Wyoming made a $4,000 contribution to Peter Flaherty’s Conservative Campaign Fund on November 1, 1996. On the same day, the Conservative Campaign Fund made a $4,000 contribution to Ray Clatworthy, a Senate candidate in Delaware. The Conservative Campaign Fund made no other contributions in the amount of $4,000. Freiss also contributed directly to Clatworthy. On October 31, Freiss made a $25,000 contribution to Citizens for Reform, for which Flaherty was spokesman. Citizens for Reform spent $18,000 on advertising for Clatworthy. …

    Millionaires and religious militants … Foster Friess is not the danger (although he’s clearly a part of it): no, he is the poster boy of a vast interlinking between the preterite wings of the Republican/Tea Party. And Ghod help us if they get their hands on the levers of power.

    James Watt resigns as Secretary of the Interior (UPI)

    As Lusk, Wyoming’s most famous citizen, Interior Secretary James Gaius Watt* (another Wyoming fake cowboy) infamously said (and now didn’t say) during the Reagan Administration:

    Watt periodically mentioned his Christian faith when discussing his approach to environmental management. Speaking before Congress, he once said, “I do not know how many future generations we can count on before the Lord returns, whatever it is we have to manage with a skill to leave the resources needed for future generations.”

    One apocryphal quote attributed to Watt is “After the last tree is felled, Christ will come back.” However, there is no indication that he actually ever said this. Glenn Scherer, writing for Grist, erroneously placed this remark in 1981 testimony by Watt to Congress.Journalist Bill Moyers, relying on the Grist article, also attributed the comment to Watt. After it was discovered that the quote was mistaken, Grist corrected their article and Moyers apologized. Watt has denied both the attribution and the associated characterizations of his policy.

    Oh, and THIS:

    From 1980 through 1982, The Beach Boys and The Grass Roots performed Independence Day concerts on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., attracting large crowds.  However, in April 1983, Watt, while serving as Secretary of the Interior, banned Independence Day concerts on the Mall by such groups. Watt said that “rock bands” that had performed on the Mall on Independence Day in 1981 and 1982 had encouraged drug use and alcoholism and had attracted “the wrong element”, who would mug people and families attending any similar events in the future. Watt then announced that Las Vegas crooner Wayne Newton, a friend and supporter of President Reagan and a contributor to Republican Party political campaigns, would perform at the Mall’s 1983 Independence Day celebration.

    Watt’s later life is illuminating for its pious Christianity:

    In 1995, Watt was indicted on 25 counts of felony perjury and obstruction of justice by a federal grand jury. The indictments were due to false statements made to a grand jury investigating influence peddling at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which he had lobbied in the mid to late 1980s. On January 2, 1996, as part of a plea bargain, Watt pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of withholding documents from a federal grand jury. On March 12, 1996 he was sentenced to five years’ probation and ordered to pay a $5,000 fine and perform 500 hours of community service.

    During a March 1991 dinner event organized by the Green River Cattlemen’s Association in Wyoming, Watt said, “If the troubles from environmentalists cannot be solved in the jury box or at the ballot box, perhaps the cartridge box should be used.

    [* James Gaius Watt: no relation to James Tiberius Kirk.]

    Well, heck, it’s not any kind of contradiction if you’re an antinomian or a dominionist.

    Anon: We’ll talk about just WHAT that last sentence means. And about other fake cowboys on their high horses.

    Because that’s the Real World ‘impact’; and their name is Legion.



    Homework: READ Michael Reynolds’ “Inside The #1 Religious Right Money Machine” if you haven’t already. This is part V.

    Read the series in order.

    1. Tucker Carlson is Keith Olbermann; I am Glenn Beck (18 July)
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      [* Featured August 12 on Crooks and Liars‘ blog roundup linked at “Dollars for Christ.“]
    5. Foster’s Dominionist Pals (13 Aug.)
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