What Republicans Really Mean By Minority Rights

Republicans lined up to show their party support

Maine Senator Susan Collins tells CNN that she is foursquare in favor of minority rights.

This is so astonishing that it speaks for itself.

From CNN:

CNN Congressional Producer Ted Barrett caught up with Collins outside the Senate chamber just now and asked her about the call, and she was really surprised we knew about it.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Collins: “Now how did you know Vice President Biden called me? Geez. He told me it was a secret call. We just talked about my frustration that I support the provisions in the Defense bill on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and yet the process is such that it’s forcing me to cast a vote against proceeding to the bill in order to protect minority rights.

Minority rights? You mean Gay Rights? Uh, voting FOR the bill is voting for minority rights, right?


The rights of the ‘minority’ of Republicans to obstruct* the majority of the American people in both houses of Congress is a MORE important “minority” right than the actual minority right … THAT SHE SUPPORTS!

[* Collins’ “minority” is sitting on over 400 bills passed by the House that they won’t even let come up for a VOTE.]

How to be against what one is publicly for… takes some work.

Good ghod. The sheer selfish hypocrisy and the unselfconscious invocation of her party as a “minority” even as a REAL minority is facing more real humiliation, castigation, oppression and yes, discrimination seems less a careful splitting of policy hairs than the product of a truly diseased mind.

Ah, but then, Susan Collins of Maine is a “Republican.” Quod erat demonstrandum.

[Of course, she may change her mind to vote for cloture in a little over an hour. One hopes so. But to have even made the argument suggests a political version of delerium tremens.]

So, remember kiddies: a vote for ANY Republican is a vote for Pure Evil.

The Senator from the State of Hypocrisy

But then, you might like that sort of thing. Zillions of GOPpers do.



UPDATE: Watched the vote on CSPAN2.

Yes: Collins voted with her preferred “minority.” In one of those stagey “colloquy”s between Harry Reid and Dick Durban immediately following, they make a cogent case that what the R’s were REALLY upset about was the DREAM Act, which provides a path to a green card and military service to the children of illegal immigrants (who have, in many cases, ONLY really lived in the USA).

Which would mean that Collins screwed TWO actual oppressed minorities to protect the fake “oppressed” minority of the “Just Say No” wildcat-striking Senate Republicans.

A true Marie Antoinette™ moment.

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