Washington Dems Put AK Race In Play At Last Minute

Washington Democrats are raising funds to go on the offensive in the endgame of the three-way Alaska Senate race. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), the arm of the Democratic Party tasked with electing Democrats to the Senate, released an email Saturday to raise $175,000 to support Democrat Scott McAdams’ campaign. “How would you like to plant the Democratic flag in Sarah Palin’s backyard?” asks the email from DSCC Executive Director J.B. Poersch. “We have a real shot at winning Alaska with polls showing we’re now ahead of the Tea Party candidate. This would be a major blow to Sarah Palin (I’m told you can see Russia from her house) and the Tea Party, who expected to waltz to victory.” … Continue reading

Capitol Idea: The Election You’re Probably Not Watching — But Should

Perhaps it’s a matter of being long-overshadowed by another certain small blue state to the north whose name also begins with the letter “M.” But Maryland seldom is recognized for its political cadre. Which is a shame, really, because the Free State is home to more than its share of colorful characters. Sen. Barbara Mikulski, for instance, rose to a position of influence and power over the nation’s purse strings with a powerful post atop an Appropriations subcommittee — and perennially comes up as the state’s most popular politician — largely by projecting a persona as as a feisty grandma from “Ballmer,” as the city is called in its quirky accent. A workhorse for decades for Maryland’s southern counties, Rep. … Continue reading

New Ad Targets Obama For His Assist To Endangered House Democrat

A conservative group is promising that when he travels to Virginia Friday to campaign for Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello, President Obama will be greeted by a new attack ad. Obama is scheduled to arrive in Charlottesville to stump for the endangered freshman, who has supported many key points of the president’s agenda despite the highly conservative tilt of Perriello’s 5th District. A group called the Faith and Freedom Coalition says it has timed a radio spot that speaks to directly Obama in an effort to further tie Perriello to the unpopular president. “We don’t fault your loyalty to Tom Perriello,” the ad says. “He sure earned it carrying water for you and Nancy Pelosi.” The ad recounts Perriello’s votes for … Continue reading

Capitol Idea: Seeking New Unity In A Place Of Historical Disunity

GETTYSBURG, Pa. — Watching charming, autumn-tinted scenery roll by driving the rural highways of this corner of Adams County, you could think yourself anywhere in rural America. Further, the campaign signs that read: “PRO TAX RELIEF PRO JOBS” are indicative merely of a rightward tilt pervasive across the nation as a whole. That 7,863 Americans lost their lives here over three bloody days in July 1863 in civil war — and tens of thousands of others left seriously wounded — gives this ground a unique place in our national unity and disunity, however. Gettysburg, of course, also is famous for the 272-word speech President Abraham Lincoln gave here four-and-a-half months after the battle was over, delivered to bolster approval for … Continue reading

Special Prosecutor Sought To Probe Funding Of Attack Ad Onslaught

An organization that describes itself as an election watchdog coalition is formally seeking appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the torrent of money used to fund attack ads aimed at influencing the coming midterm elections. The letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, and dated on Monday, is the highest-level of what has become a growing flurry of complaints regarding the new influence that often-shadowy groups are wielding in the U.S. political system. The groups who wrote to Holder to seek an official probe note that comparisons to the 1970s-era Watergate scandal have gotten louder in recent days as news of abuses and excesses have been breaking on a daily basis. Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine has called this … Continue reading

The Politicians’ Bible: Bringing in the Receipts

by Walter and Rosemary Brasch It will be cold tonight in Pennsylvania, but that means nothing to dozens of politicians who are in their final week of a ubiquitous campaign to get a government job. There isn’t a household in Pennsylvania that has active voters that hasn’t been subjected to at least two dozen TV political ads each day, several robo-calls a week, and a few dozen direct mail full-color 8-1/2-by-11 inch postcard campaign ads. Many households have already received three or four dozen such ads in the past month. Pennsylvanians aren’t the only ones who have been subjected to a deluge of political campaign ads the past six months. In California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Connecticut, Wisconsin, and West Virginia, … Continue reading