A Mercer-fully Short Investigative Report

Remember the Mercer Girls? (From 22 OCTOBER 2010 “Peter DeFazio and the Daughters of Mercer“)

Robert L. Mercer’s daughters (L to R): Heather Sue, Rebekah and Jennifer

Robert [Leroy] Mercer,  the New York hedge fund manager who donated $200K to the formerly mysterious “Concerned Taxpayers of America” for anonymous attack ads on Congressman Peter DeFazio (D. Ore.), you will recall.  The hedge fund he is co-chief executive of is called Renaissance Technologies.

In “Peter DeFazio and the Daughters of Mercer” I noted that two of the three daughters had contributed the $2400 maximum to Art Robinson’s GOP primary campaign, along with father Robert. Now, we see that this political “family giving” isn’t unique in the Mercer family.

From the official New York Elections website (a 38-page .pdf):

click for larger version

Or in tabular:

Robert L. Mercer $52,250

Rebekah Mercer $52,000

Jennifer Mercer $52,250

Heather Sue Mercer $50,000

and Diana L. Mercer* $52,250

[* Robert L. Mercer’s wife, by triangulation. From the Duke Chronicle, Oct 11, 2000: “[Heather Sue]Mercer’s mother, Diane Mercer”]

I have pixellated the girls’ home addresses. However, the parents, Diana and Robert, both contributed via Renaissance Technologies’ business address, because that’s the address listed on the corp0rate web page. (Their home is located a couple miles East of the corporate office.)


Long Island

  • Renaissance Technologies LLC
  • 600 Route 25A
  • East Setauket, NY 11733
  • USA

And, just to draw the chain tighter, according to US Search (searching for Heather Sue Mercer on Long Island in New York):

Heather Mercer
Heather S Mercer
Heather Sue Mercer
lived in:
Stony Brook, NY
New York, NY
Saint James, NY
Mount Sinai, NY
Durham, NC
related to:
Diana Lynne Mercer
Jennifer L Mercer
Jennifer Mercer
Rebekah A Mercer
Robert L Mercer
But that wasn’t the full extent of the Mercers’ contributions to Rick Lazio’s gubernatorial campaign. From Capital Tonight — “NY’s only statewide political program”:

Consv Party’s $190K Ad Buy For Lazio

The state Conservative Party has so far spent $190,000 on TV ads that oppose the mosque/Islamic center and boost Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rick Lazio, according to its 11-day pre-primary filing.

That’s just $10,000 less than the candidate himself spent on his first – and so far only – statewide ad buy in advance of his Sept. 14 face-off with Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino. (That’s according to Lazio’s campaign; his filing still hasn’t shown up on the state Board of Elections Website).


The Conservative Party paid for the ads through its campaign committee, which raised $265,067 between the 32-day and 11-day flings and has $566,265 on hand. The bulk of its cash came from three donors – all of whom share the same last name.

Diana Mercer (a financial consultant at Renaissance Tech., a Long Island-based hedge fund) gave $83,700; Rebekah Mercer gave $94,200 and Heather Mercer $83,716.

Gee. That’s weird. They’d already, evidently, contributed the personal maximum to Lazio’s campaign back at the beginning of the primary season.

Heather Sue Mercer at this year’s World Series of Poker

Do you suppose that somebody’s funneling their personal contributions through their family, and thence through various front organizations?

If that were true, would anything illegal be going on?

Or is it just a fascinating fact?

Inquiring minds want to know.

And that’s a 584-word investigative report.

I know it’s short, but it’s a short season.

And, isn’t un-masking an important part of Halloween, too?

And, speaking of Masks, it seems that Rebekah played a minor character, Terreis, on Xena: Warrior Princess. Seriously.

Rebekah Mercer on Xena as Terreis

Hey, I had to do SOMETHING to pad this out to 584 words.


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