The Day After The Day After

The blood feast continues, as the guttural yowls of bloodlust continue to reverberate through the ancient ruins. Unmistakably, one can hear the distinct sounds of a skull being crushed to get to the sweet meats within; the cracking of bones, and the slurps as they are sucked clean of their marrow. There is an occasional blood-curdling scream as another victim is thrown to the revelers. Not coincidentally, curdled blood is a featured appetizer on the menu and at the free bar.

Republican celebrations continue. But there is no need to disturb them at their revels. Instead, a reminder, from March 2008, or Bush Plus Seven:

27 MARCH 2008…5:51 PM

The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

To a recovering Republican, who cannot fathom the circular firing squad nature of Democratic party politics: There is a fundamental difference in style between the two parties — but they switch sides on issues constantly. (Remember when REPUBLICANS were screaming about deficit spending?)


The Republican Party is run as though  only one heir to the Peacock Throne were available, and all available resources must be marshaled to his (yes, HIS) potential Reign.

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, behaves as a dandelion behaves: chaotic, self-conflicted, no rhyme or reason, floating on the breezes of fad and fashion, but it succeeds from sheer strength of (ofttimes stupid) numbers.

If you had been raised with a bias towards “elegance” (in the engineering sense of least means for greatest effect) then it is bewildering to suddenly immerse yourself in the chaos of Democratic politics.

That’s what took me awhile to get used to when I switched parties in 1988 (having—as it now turns out, ACCURATELY — seen the handwriting on the wall).

But remember this: no lawnmower ever engineered, no defoliant ever formulated, no organization of human industry and coordinated action has EVER yet defeated the humble dandelion.

They’re good in salads, too.


2010 Update: They’re screaming about deficit spending again. I guess that 2008 was just too far ago to remember.

Oh, and we held service in Oregon. The legislature is evenly divided, but all congresspersons were re-elected and all state offices went (barely) Blue.

Suck on that, Rove. Oh, and Robert L. Mercer.


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