Tucker Carlson – Profeshunel Jurnuhlizzum Strikes Agin!


Guess where Sarah Palin’s gonna be on Saturday night? Read on.

In the aftermath of the election, in a season of spin, in retroactive history and the catamites of the press preparing the usual round of rationalizations that they did a good job on the election — not like all those horrible bloggers in their PeeJays — comes Tucker Carlson. And George W. Boooooosh. (Fermi la Bush!)

You might remember that Carlson announced that he “OWNED” Keith Olbermann after purchasing keitholbermann. com.

And that we did a little followup on who it was that funded Carlson‘s “The Daily Caller,” yet another “answer” to the Huffington Post. (“Tucker Carlson is Keith Olbermann; I am Glenn Beck17 July 2010, and “More Fake Cowboys” 23 July; emphasis added):

from Newsbusters “Exposing & Combating Liberal Media Bias” (Brent Bozell’s little gaggle of character assassins):

The Daily Caller criticizes Olbermann at least once a week, with reporter Ruth Graham regularly writing sarcastic critiques of his shows, a feature called “We watch because we’re paid to.”

According to Don Irvine of Accuracy in Media*, the spat betwixt Carlson and Olbermann began over the David Weigel scandal. Olbermann and The Daily Caller exchanged pithy insults on Twitter, each claiming that the other did not know what they were talking about with Olbermann additionally saying that Tucker Carlson’s “bowtie contained [his] brain.”]

[*Accuracy in Media is entangled with Bozell and others. SEE.]

And you will recall  Jackson Hole, Wyoming faux-cowboy funder Foster Friess, He Who handed Carlson and Jackson Hole, Wyoming  Neighbor  and Dick Cheney staffer Neil Patel $3 million to start it up, loves to play the great Humanitarian, and Über-Christian, as in his quote from the Birth Announcement for The Daily Caller (hereinafter TDC, from my prior story, “The Biggest Foundation That You’ve Never Heard Of” 1 Aug.):

We were tracking the money BEHIND “The Daily Caller” — a former stock manager named Foster S. Friess, who gave up his management of The Brandywine Fund in 2001, after moving to Teton County, Wyoming — then the seventh wealthiest county in the nation — and “retired” to devote himself topretending to be a cowboy and being applauded for his philanthropyThe Washington Post reports [emphasis added]:

When they met for lunch, Carlson and Patel had funding offers from two sets of venture capitalists in Washington and Boston, who wanted to serve on various management committees. Before they finished their salad, they exchanged looks of amazement as Friess offered to match the $3 million, but without the bureaucracy. Two days later, they had a deal.

Why would Friess insist that he didn’t even want to serve on the company’s board? “He’s eccentric,” Patel says.

Friess, who has gone hunting with Cheney, is a man of many opinions. He has sent out fundraising letters to fight the Democrats’ health-care legislation, calls much of the information on global warming “distorted and manipulated,” and says “the American public is oblivious to the fact that we are at war and that just playing defense is a disastrous course to take.”

As for his new partners, Friess says by e-mail:Tucker and Neil present a huge opportunity to re-introduce civility to our political discourse. They are mature, sensible men who are very thoughtful and experienced with pleasant senses of humor and do not take themselves too seriously. They want to make a contribution to the dialogue that occurs in our country that has become too antagonistic, nasty and hostile. . . .

Which brings us to this story, and a FUTURE STORY (so that the Old Guard media can feel comfortable talking about castles in the air and hypothetical facts, as they have, this entire livelong campaign):

Tucker Carlson’s Journalistic meltdown?

Tue Nov 9, 3:58 pm ET

Carlson sent fake ‘Olbermann’ emails to Philly columnist

By Michael CalderoneTucker Carlson boasted in July that his site, the Daily Caller, had bought the domain name for liberal MSNBC host Keith Olbermann. Carlson, a conservative journalist and pundit, even said he would start using the email addresskeith@keitholbermann.com as a gag.

So it was interesting to see that Olbermann allegedly sentsome angry emails to the Philadelphia Daily News’ Stu Bykofsky using the email address keith@keitholbermann.com.

Phawker.com, which published the exchange, claimed it was “guaranteed 100% for real.”And Bykofsky later confirmed to media industry watcher Jim Romenesko that he was writing to keith@keitholbermann.com, which he believed to be Olbermann.

Although emails were indeed sent back and forth, it wasn’t Olbermann on the other end.

An MSNBC spokesman confirmed the emails are fake, and Olbermann responded in a statement to The Upshot: “Mr. Bykofsky has been, I would suggest, hoist on his own petard.


Carlson, reached by phone Tuesday night, confirmed he impersonated Olbermann in the email responses to Bykofsky.

“Could you resist?” Carlson said.  “It was just too funny. The flesh is weak.”

Carlson said he didn’t expect the email exchange to be published.

As a former MSNBC host, Carlson knows Olbermann and Griffin quite well. He hosted MSNBC’s “Tucker” until the show was canceled in March 2008. Carlson stayed on as a political analyst through the 2008 election and has since moved over to Fox News.

Obscure literary reference

Really? It ought be noted that this was during the time of Olbermann’s weekend suspension, and kerfluffing a media firestorm is what gets your Dan Rathers and Helen Thomases and David Weigels removed. The reader can draw their own conclusion about what the fake “Keith Olbermann”  was attempting:

In the email exchange, “Olbermann” rails against MSNBC President Phil Griffinwho recently suspended and subsequently reinstated the host over a violation of network rules against giving to political candidates.

“As I’ve said publicly before, Phil Griffin is not my boss (thank god), nor is he intellectually qualified to be,” the fake Olbermann wrote. “Phil pretends otherwise in public. I’m not his shrink, but I assume it makes him feel better. The remarkable thing is that fools like you believe his fantasies. That pleases Phil, but only exposes your ignorance. The proof? I’ll be anchoring on election night 2012, long after Phil Griffin has moved on to a job for which he’s actually qualified, perhaps on QVC.”

Later, “Olbermann” wrote that he “could have Phil Griffin fired tomorrow if I felt like it, trust me.”

This not a prank. This is disinformation. And the intent seems clear.

Whatever it is, it is beyond the collective canons of any honest journalism, and is NOT a ‘college prank’ anymore than Watergate was “a panty raid.”

But nobody’s calling Carlson out. There was a minor fluffing and clucking, but what appears straight up to be an attempt at a political “hit” puts the burden of proof of what it WAS on Carlson. Degraded journo that he is, even Carlson would demand answers if another journalist got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar so in flagrante delicto.

You can’t knowingly point a loaded gun at a man’s head and then, when disarmed, claim it was all “just a joke.” It’s still a crime, and in journalism, Carlson’s “prank” is a serious crime that can ONLY be punished by peer pressure and social ostracism. And that intangible professional necessity, credibility, has been harmed in this, no matter how amnesiac the commentarian community decides to be.

But remember this: Tucker Carlson is the “publisher” of The Daily Caller, and cannot reasonably separate his “personal” sneaky action using the trumpeted “keith olbermann dot com” web identity from The Daily Caller*. The Daily Caller and its “public face” Tucker Carlson trumpeted that TDC had acquired the site, and Tucker Carlson in USING that site for a potentially devastating literary hoax cannot extricate himself from his publication. Sorry, Tucker.

[* Recall how the Weekly Standard concocted an attack campaign on The New Republic, with soldier-in-combat Scott Beauchamp the catspaw between Murdoch employee William Kristol, the Pentagon, perhaps the White House, and The New Republic magazine, ramrodded by once and former WStandard employee Michael Goldfarb. Other than being ultimately unmasked, no one at the Weekly Standard ever paid any price for their attacks on a serving US combat soldier. Goldfarb ran McCain’s internet communications arm, and returned to the Weekly Standard, even as Rupert Murdoch shed the magazine, selling it to a new sugar daddy for little Billy Kristol.]

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Saturday night,  Carlson’s sugar daddy, Foster Friess, is holding a “benefit” for the birthday of a fellow foundation owner’s wife, modestly entitled, “Foster Friess Stars & Stripes Classic.”

In Scottsdale, Arizona. (Dubious likelihood that the link is evergreen.)

November 13, 2010 : Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa


Here’s a video.

With the following guest list to honor Donna “Didi” Foss’ birthday (Joe Foss, a WWII fighter pilot, died in 2003; the Foundation was founded in 2001. Oliver North gave the eulogy):

The Stars and Stripes Classic will feature a lineup of special guests including Co-Founder of the Joe Foss Institute, Didi Foss, Foster Friess, Senator Jon Kyl, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Congressman Trent Franks, Congressman-elect Ben Quayle, Sarah Palin, Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, LT. General William G. Boykin, Vice President Dan Quayle, Medal of Honor Recipient, Fred Furguson, CNN Correspondent, Alex Quade and many other special guests.

Lee Greenwood, Erin Kalin, Harry Luge Jr., Nancy Schulze, and the US Naval Academy Women’s Glee Club will provide special entertainment.

During the course of the evening, many will be honored—including several who have received the Medal of Honor—and military leaders…

It’s all for charity.

Praise the Lord.

Tickets are still available:


There are seven different options for buying tickets, four of which can be accomplished on this site.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event at the $50,000, $25,000, or $10,000 levels, please call Debbie Wardrop at 480-202-6384. Otherwise, prices for tickets to the event are as follows:

$150 Patron Ticket

$1,500 Patron Table Sponsor
One Patron Table for ten
Name Recognition in the Program

$2,500 Salute Sponsor
One Patron Table for ten
Event recognition
“Business Card” Ad in Program
Two Raffle Tickets

$5,000 VIP Table Sponsor
One VIP Table for ten
Event recognition
1/2 Page Ad in Program
Name Placement in Social Media
Five Raffle Tickets

Oh wait. Didi’s birthday is more popular than I had anticipated. Weird that Foster Friess gets top billing for her birthday.

Whoops. My bad. Let’s let Foster have the last word:

Media Notes: A look at Tucker Carlson’s political Web site, the Daily Caller

By Howard Kurtz
Monday, January 11, 2010; C01

“We need a roundup of the weirdness,” Tucker Carlson shouted, walking past a row of young staffers hunched over laptops on the sort of cheap- looking teak tables that scream start-up venture.

The Fox News commentator launches his new Web site, the Daily Caller, on Monday. His partner is Neil Patel, a former Dick Cheney aide. His opinion editor is Moira Bagley, who spent 2008 as the Republican National Committee’s press secretary. And his $3 million in funding comes from Wyoming financier Foster Friess, a big-time GOP donor.


As for his new partners, Friess says by e-mail: “Tucker and Neil present a huge opportunity to re-introduce civility to our political discourse. They are mature, sensible men who are very thoughtful and experienced with pleasant senses of humor and do not take themselves too seriously. They want to make a contribution to the dialogue that occurs in our country that has become too antagonistic, nasty and hostile. . . .



UPDATE 4:35 AM PDT 13 Nov.:

For a hilarious “fly on the wall” view of Tucker Carlson in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for Foster Freiss’ birthday bash last summer, see:

Billionaire Birthday Bash #2: Fishing for Change

… This guy, Tucker Carlson, is apparently a conservative political pundit on Fox News.  He’s staying at the hotel and has been fishing Flat Creek even though it’s illegal for anyone over the age of 14….

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