Voodoo Practitioners of the West

I think we can establish as a matter of uncontrovertable fact that Foster Friess who attends Secret Koch meetings in Aspen, Colorado and the Foster Friess who attends secret CNP meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah are the same Foster Friess, and that, increasingly, the two “wings” of religious zealotry and AynRandiness have made accord in the reformation of the next incarnation of the new GOP. Continue reading

Conservative Gerson’s Social Security Pitch To Obama ‘Loaded With Inaccuracies,’ Democrat Says

Conservative Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson’s piece published Tuesday, in which the former Bush White House speechwriter advises President Obama to take on Social Security reform is laden with factual errors, according to a Democratic strategist who once served as the top staffer on the House Aging Committee. In his … Continue reading

Pressure Mounts For Filibuster Reform

The Senate may be dark and empty until the new Congress opens in January, but that hasn’t stopped a group of progressive Democrats from building grassroots support for an anticipated try at filibuster reform on the first day of the 112th Congress. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) on Tuesday emailed … Continue reading

Headline of Day

Perusing the headlines on Memeorandum a little while ago I ran across this headline which is my choice for the “Headline of the Day”: Wall Street Journal Sticks A Fork In Sarah Palin’s Criticism Of First Lady. In an editorial titled “Palin’s Food Fight,” the Journal admits they hate the “nanny … Continue reading

The Yin, Yang Of The 111th Congress

The door soon will close on what is turning out to be one of the more enigmatic chapters of American government. Congress during the past two years has been its most productive in decades, yet ultimately is reviled by the American public. Regardless of how much longer Senate Majority Leader … Continue reading

Is Haley Barbour Lying … Again?

Well, if you get inside Haley Barbour’s head about what “doesn’t mean diddly” you can understand why he might feel that way. On the other hand, if you obtain that understanding, you can also understand why Barbour represents the worst — and ruling — passions of the current KKK, er … CCC … er, GOP/Tea Party… Continue reading