Voodoo Practitioners of the West

I think we can establish as a matter of uncontrovertable fact that Foster Friess who attends Secret Koch meetings in Aspen, Colorado and the Foster Friess who attends secret CNP meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah are the same Foster Friess, and that, increasingly, the two “wings” of religious zealotry and AynRandiness have made accord in the reformation of the next incarnation of the new GOP. Continue reading

Conservative Gerson’s Social Security Pitch To Obama ‘Loaded With Inaccuracies,’ Democrat Says

Conservative Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson’s piece published Tuesday, in which the former Bush White House speechwriter advises President Obama to take on Social Security reform is laden with factual errors, according to a Democratic strategist who once served as the top staffer on the House Aging Committee. In his piece, “Face Social Security,” Gerson recommends taking on reform of Social Security as a political tool to outmaneuver ascendant Republicans. However, Robert Weiner, former House Aging Committee chief of staff and later a Clinton White House staffer, takes issue with a number of Gerson’s assertions which Weiner labels as erroneous. “Michael Gerson’s column was loaded with inaccuracies,” Weiner says in a statement. “The Social Security Trust Fund is NOT ‘filled … Continue reading

Pressure Mounts For Filibuster Reform

The Senate may be dark and empty until the new Congress opens in January, but that hasn’t stopped a group of progressive Democrats from building grassroots support for an anticipated try at filibuster reform on the first day of the 112th Congress. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) on Tuesday emailed supporters asking them to push their senators to support the so-called “constitutional option” aimed at making it more difficult for minority Republicans from wielding the filibuster as a tool of obstruction. “The Senate has become the place where legislation passed in the House—even legislation with bipartisan support—goes to die,” says the email, from PDA National Director Tim Carpenter. “On January 5, the first day of the new term, we may … Continue reading

Headline of Day

Perusing the headlines on Memeorandum a little while ago I ran across this headline which is my choice for the “Headline of the Day”: Wall Street Journal Sticks A Fork In Sarah Palin’s Criticism Of First Lady. In an editorial titled “Palin’s Food Fight,” the Journal admits they hate the “nanny state” of government monitoring and forcing its citizens to do anything, but doesn’t see the first lady’s efforts as anything more than “telling kids to eat their vegetables and run around the block” and “to take responsibility for their own choices.” The editorial even uses Palin’s words against her, pulling a quote Palin said in 2009 that easily could be confused for the first lady today: Health-care reform on an … Continue reading

Kerry’s Moment to Shine: Senate Passes START 71-26

Earlier today the Senate passed the new START treaty on a 71 – 26 vote, paving the way for President Obama’s signature. The treaty legislation “cements what is probably the most tangible foreign policy achievement of Mr. Obama’s two years in office.” This was a big win for the president however, it might not have been achieved were it not for the diligence and hard work of the senior Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. One month ago it looked like the START treaty was dead in the water, after Senator Jon Kyl thought he had managed to pull the plug on the deal. Not so fast… “The president made a gutsy decision that he was … Continue reading

The Yin, Yang Of The 111th Congress

The door soon will close on what is turning out to be one of the more enigmatic chapters of American government. Congress during the past two years has been its most productive in decades, yet ultimately is reviled by the American public. Regardless of how much longer Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decide to hold open the current lame-duck session, they cannot alter the march of time. January will come, and the 111th Congress will be history. This Congress has produced “a legislative output ‘in Great Society territory’ for its reach and importance,” according to Burdett Loomis, a congressional scholar at the University of Kansas. David Leonhardt of the New York Times remarked … Continue reading

Capitol Idea: Harry Reid’s No Grinch

Like most working Americans, I’ll probably be working right up through Christmas Eve. And, like most, I’ll be expected back at work on the following Monday. Any time I take off aside from the days designated for Christmas and New Year’s, I’ll be expected to use my designated days off like any other vacation time. I suspect that’s also the way it will be for most Americans working this holiday season, which is why not only do Republican complaints about working around the holidays ring hollow — they actually show a disrespect for the average Americans who put them in office. GOP Sens. Jon Kyl and Jim DeMint each have attacked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for suggesting that the … Continue reading