Republicans Senators Block U.S. Health Aid for 9/11 Workers

If there is one thing clear in recent weeks as Congress prepares to fold up and go home for the holidays, nothing is going to pass if the Republicans do not get there way on extending the Bush Tax Cuts for Billionaires. Today Senate Republicans blocked the the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. Zadroga was a New York police detective who “participated in the rescue efforts at ground zero” and then “later developed breathing complications that were common to first responders at the site.” He died in January 2006.

After today’s vote in the Senate, “Representative Carolyn B. Maloney of New York, a chief sponsor of the bill in the House, argued that Democrats should include the 9/11 health bill in the larger tax-cut legislation and, in the process, dare Republicans to oppose it in that context.”

Ms. Maloney added that the tax bill was the one piece of legislation that “Republicans won’t leave this town without passing.”

Good luck with that…

As the day wore on, it appeared increasingly unlikely that the Senate would include a provision providing health care for ground zero workers in any tax package it brought to the floor, according to senior Capitol Hill officials.

The heartless Republicans holding struggling Americans hostage to get their Tax Cuts for Billionaires have no shame, no morals and won’t be wanting for a thing themselves but some lobbying dollars to grease their palms in the months to come. The tax cut bill appears to be unraveling, who knows what will happen with that or anything else Congress tries to pass through at this point. DADT also failed on a key vote today

The idea that voters put more Republicans into power last month is still mind boggling…

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