Bipartisanship As Viewed Through Magic Eyes

Jim  “Gateway Pundit” Hoft and his Magic Eyes™

Jim Hoft of the Magic Eyes™ — the sobriquet earned by his boundless ability to “see” and correct crowd size estimates by eyewitnesses on East and West Coasts without ever leaving his grandmother’s basement in St. Louis — has gifted us with a new definition of “bipartisan”:

LOVE IT… House Votes to Repeal “Job-Killing” Health Care Law 236-181
Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, January 7, 2011, 2:15 PM

It was a bi-partisan vote by the way… 4 Democrats joined with Republicans in a 236-181 vote….


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Guess those magic eyes are working overtime.

Just think: the Romans and the Sanhedrin can legitimately claim that the Crucifixion was “bipartisan” because one-twelfth of the disciples turned Jesus in!

That’s a MUCH higher percentage than that huge “Blue Dog”  contingent casting a spineless, scared vote that they know to be meaningless:  2.16% (4 ÷ 185 = 0.0216).

Why Judas Iscariot represented 8.33% of all disciples! The crucifixion was BIPARTISAN!!! (1 ÷ 12 = 0.0833).

Magic eyes indeed. (Or, perhaps magic mushrooms.) Perhaps if he manages to cripple himself, move to another country and fill his soul with acid he can make it to Charles Krauthammer’s elevated estate as the “Mr. Potter” of America’s “Bedford Falls.” He’s got a ways to go, but I have no doubt he’s up to it, if Hoft doesn’t succumb to toxic mold first.

It’s more than passing odd that suddenly the GOP cares about what the public thinks.

After tossing around wild numbers (“60% of Americans are in favor of repealing Obamacare!” as I heard on the Dianne Riehm show this AM) it turns out — HUGE surprise! — that Gallup has it at 46%-40% for repeal, when asked that specific question.

All of which is, perhaps, understandable, given the false, misleading, and outright lying propaganda that was used to bundle together a number of things that a majority of Americans agree with individually, slap the crypto-racist label “Obamacare” on them and blast their crap non-stop via Rupert Murdoch’s s(l)ick media empire.

Run by racists, covered lovingly by Faux Nooz™

But what strikes me as odd is that the appeal to “public opinion” is suddenly meaningful, when a larger percentage of the American public opposed the millionaire tax cuts less than a month ago, and that was dismissed out of hand. I guess the acid test of truth is “do Repugs want this?”

When the Congressional Budget office grades the repeal as COSTING $240 billion over ten years, Tom Phillips’ media empire comes up with an AMAZING story (to which I’ll not link — screw ’em) that says … EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT IT TO SAY:

Philip Klein / American Spectator Blog:
BREAKING: CBO Says Repealing ObamaCare Would Reduce Net Spending by $540 Billion
The Congressional Budget Office, in an email to Capitol Hill staffers obtained by the Spectator, has said that repealing the national health care law would reduce net spending by $540 billion in the ten year period from 2012 through 2021…

Zowie! Why that’s DOUBLE the CBO’s figure, with a little extra tossed in for good measure. (Because, you know, if the CBO disagrees with the GOP, the CBO just HAS to be corrupt. And the American Spectator can be counted on to “discover” the Convenient Truth® that the GOPpers need.)

You KNOW that the magazine founded by Richard Mellon Scaife specifically to create “troopergate” and push the “Arkansas project” that ultimately fueled the Clinton Impeachment debacle can absolutely be trusted as a news source.

Because THEY have magic eyes, too!

The ever-brilliant David Niewert brings up a point in Crooks and Liars that needs addressing about the election that led to the current crop of lunacy from the Magic Eyes People:

Indeed, that’s a point  [embattled Republican National Committee Chair Michael]  Steele emphasizes in his defense. Indeed, he explicitly takes credit for the outcome in the House: “My record stands for itself. We won.”

The answer, as everyone knows, is that Steele didn’t mastermind this election at all. He was at best an incidental figure in the outcome. The 2010 results were not the product of anything concocted or engendered by Michael Steele. All he really managed to do was blow a lot of fund-raising opportunities.

So who WAS the mastermind of the 2010 Election? If anyone, it was Roger Ailes — a reality that hardly anyone seems to want to acknowledge, including Democrats. Indeed, this was the Fox Election in every respect. Nearly every candidate who won got major a push from Fox. The most energy came from a Tea Party “movement” almost wholly engendered by Fox’s relentless and unapologetic propagndization campaign.

The GOP owes its House victories not to Michael Steele but to Fox News.

Which is exactly true. Joe Goebbels showed the way, and Roger Ailes seems to have perfected it. You’re smart. You can do the math. But I’d like to remind you of what the late, great Mike Rokyo wrote when Rupert Murdoch bought the Chicago Sun-Times (which he was writing for at the time) in 1984, sparking Rokyo’s departure from the paper.

It’s kind of prescient, all the more so when you consider that there WAS no Faux Nooz, no Faux NFL, no Faux network at the time. Just the Aussie Cossack repeating his newspaper depredations (do you know that Murdoch invented the “page 3 girl” as a way of selling his tabloid crap in England with naked titties every day?) from Australia and England:

No self-respecting fish would want to be wrapped in a Murdoch paper


His goal is not quality journalism. His goal is vast power for Rupert Murdoch, political power.”

Alas, Mike Rokyo didn’t have magic eyes like Jim Hoft, so we can all see how mistaken he was.

Studs Terkel (l) and Mike Rokyo (r) at a Chicago bar



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