A Must Read: Poverty and Recovery

In an editorial in the NY Times on Wednesday the editorial board noted that “the sheer scale of poverty — 15.7 percent of the country’s population — is unacceptable.” But to keep millions more Americans from falling into poverty during a deep recession is a genuine accomplishment that holds a … Continue reading

WorldNutDaily Nut Jerome Corsi Spewing Birther Lies

I think the headline says it all, but if you must, check out this WorldNetDaily piece written by Jerome Corsi: “Hawaii governor can’t find Obama birth certificate.” Corsi, if you are not familiar with him or need a reminder, is best known for penning: The Obama Nation and Unfit for Command … Continue reading

Bipartisan Notables Urge U.N. Condemnation of Israeli Settlements

A group of former government officials, commentators, and others across the political spectrum are urging President Obama to vote in favor of a resolution standing before the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) condemning illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied territories. Among those signing the letter to the president are former … Continue reading