DNC Promises To Promote Obama Agenda

The head of the Democratic National Committee is promising to help advance the agenda that President Obama laid out this week in his State of the Union address.

Democrats will make “crucial investments to support the President’s agenda for our country’s future — from ads on the air to conversations on the ground, we’re going to do everything we can to promote his vision for our country,” DNC Chairman Tim Kaine says in a Friday email to supporters, soliciting funds to pay for the effort.

In his nationally televised speech from the chambers of Congress, Obama called for increased investment in such priorities as innovation, infrastructure and education.

“The President rose above the day-to-day politics that we know can slow the gears of change and prevent progress. He focused instead on how we can work together to build an economy that grows not just in the near term, but for generations to come,” says DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, the former governor of Virginia. “This is what real leadership looks like — and this speech set real energy in motion. Now, what matters is what we do to build on that energy. As the President said, in America, ‘we do big things.’ And we have a big message to send.”

Republicans, who now hold a majority in the House of Representatives, are opposing additional spending. That makes a DNC effort to promote Obama’s priorities potentially important to help build political support.

“His vision calls for a leaner, more efficient government that is more transparent and accountable to the citizens it serves,” Kaine says of Obama’s agenda. “And it drives home the point that, even amid uncertain and challenging circumstances, the future is bright — and ours to win.

“But the President needs our support to maximize the impact of his speech. We can transform this inspiring moment into a dynamic force for a better future,” Kaine adds. “The ball is in our court. We all heard the President’s plan — now, he needs us to get behind it and help make it a reality.”

The publisher of the news site On The Hill, Scott Nance has covered Congress and the federal government for more than a decade.

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