On The Record: Sen. John Kerry

Senator John Kerry goes On The Record with Boston’s WCVB… segments from the Feb. 20, 2011:

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  • Senator Kerry will be spending President’s Day in New Bedford where he will “start the day by participating in a roundtable discussion on federal funding for affordable housing, job training and human services.”

    The discussion will take place at the New Bedford Community Development Center with New Bedford Mayor Scott Lang and Newton Mayor Setti Warren.

    Kerry then heads to a press conference with Lang and members of the Massachusetts fishing community to discuss fishing regulations and enforcement.

    Following the press conference, Kerry is scheduled to join Lang and New Bedford Fire Chief Michael Gomes to announce federal grant funding to hire additional firefighters, purchase enhanced safety equipment and provide critical training to first responders.

    In related news, Kerry was in Northampton, MA yesterday for a Town Hall meeting. The Boston Herald, per their usual style has taken some of the story out of context. Some things never change…

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    One Response to On The Record: Sen. John Kerry

    1. John Stone says:

      John Kerry is a great Senator!!