Fishermen Meet with Senator John Kerry

Senator John Kerry met with fishermen and city leaders in New Bedford today to discuss the fishing industry.

Sen. Kerry said, “Our fisherman across Massachusetts are hurting, not just the economy, but the government and some the decisions that have been made without sensitivity and without adequate creativity. I believe we can do better.”

NECN reports that Kerry plans to fight federal fishing rules. The fishing industry plays a major part in the Massachusetts economy, but local fisherman are ofter caught in the middle of federal trade bans that effect their incomes.

Senator Kerry has been a longtime advocate for the fishing industry here in Massachusetts.

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2 Responses to Fishermen Meet with Senator John Kerry

  1. A major environmental group is acting as a defendant in support of Amendment 16. The environmental group is using fuzzy math with what it calls science based management of the fishing industry. The fishermen are also fighting the Department of Commerce and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),

    We need to ask why an environmental advocacy organization works so hard to promote
    ocean wind turbine renewable energy in the fishing grounds while keeping the fishing industry tied up at the docks. There are many of us who feel commercial fishing and wind farms are not compatible.

    The environmentalists that back building a fifty-million dollar ocean wind turbine port in New Bedford Harbor need to act as advocates for the remediation of the abandoned toxic Cannon Street Power Plant next to the commercial wind turbine site in the harbor. The environmental advocates need to fight water pollution, protect marine habitat and defend our public health. The power plant has one of the toxic marine environments in the country that include fuel oil, tar, coal tar, cyanide, lead paint, asbestos, guano, asbestos, mold and heavy metals.

  2. Hi Frank – Do you know which environmental group it is?