AOL, The Huffington Post and My Email Address

I’m not a fan of AOL.

I remember the days when you couldn’t buy a new computer without having AOL pre-installed. I signed up once years ago and dropped the service within days. AOL continued to bill me for a few months, until I finally convinced them they could not have my business and needed to refund my money.

That was a long time ago, so imagine my surprise tonight when I received an email from AOL with the subject line: “Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for AOL Users.”

The email didn’t come to the email address I had used years ago. No, it came an email address that AOL wouldn’t have… unless… oh wait, they got it from The Huffington Post. I have never ever signed up for anything at AOL with the email address I joined The Huffington Post with as an occassional blogger. Of that I am certain.  

I am not an AOL user. Or… I wasn’t until The Huffington Post/AOL merger.

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