The GOP & The Koch Brothers

The internets are buzzing tonight with the news that Wisconsin Governor Walker received a prank call today from Ian Murphy, 33, of Buffalo, who writes for a site called Murphy was pretending to be prominent conservative donor David Koch. Koch, was “one of the biggest contributors” Walker’s election campaign. So … Continue reading

Budget Showdown: Boehner Points Finger Back At Reid

GOP House Speaker John Boehner says that he doesn’t want to close the federal government over the emerging budget stand-off, but he essentially told Democrats, “Do it my way.” It’s the latest in the back-and-forth over funding federal operations through September once the current spending measure expires March 4. The … Continue reading

Unions & The Tea Party

Is there a correlation between unions and the Tea Party? Will Wilkinson makes a comparison: There’s something about the union demonstrations in Madison, and the excitement it has caused on the left, that reminds me of the Tea Party. I think I’ve figured it out what it is. The advent … Continue reading