The GOP & The Koch Brothers

The internets are buzzing tonight with the news that Wisconsin Governor Walker received a prank call today from Ian Murphy, 33, of Buffalo, who writes for a site called Murphy was pretending to be prominent conservative donor David Koch. Koch, was “one of the biggest contributors” Walker’s election campaign. So obviously when money calls, Walker answers…

It all looks very damning for Walker. Very damning. Walker was completely duped. Walker is completely in the pockets of the Koch brothers, and regardless of what he says to try to get out of this, he dug his own hole.

Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and a professor of economics was on The Last Word tonight discussing the relationship between David Koch, Wisconsin and the GOP:

The media is finally catching on to the Koch connection in Wisconsin and other states where union busting is also in the works, Hart Williams wrote about it here on Monday and provided some in depth information. 

Over at right wing blog, Powerline, John is whining that the left is waging a war against the Koch Brothers. Oh cry me a river…

Stay tuned… We could see calls for Walker to resign now that he’s been caught with his hand in the Koch cookie jar.

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