Kozy in the Koch Kaffeeklatsch

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Citizens Club for Sam Adams in Charge of Growth Alliance, Wisconsin.

I realize that I’ve jumbled three separate groups into one long unwieldy name, but it’s accurate when you realize that it’s all the same people in all the same groups.

Let me show you pictorially what I mean:

Michelle Malkin, Paul Jacob, Joe The Plumber, Sammies, 2009

Here’s deadly alien arachnid life form Michelle Malkin, Citizens in Charge President (for life, self-appointed) Paul Jacob and Joe the Wurtzelbacher Not-Licensed-as-a-Plumber from 2009’s “Sammies” Awards put on by the Sam Adams Alliance, and its President/CEO/Chairman (for life, self-appointed) Eric O’Keefe, who happens to be a founding member of both Citizens In Charge, and the Club for Growth, not to mention Club for Growth, Wisconsin.

Jacob was receiving his “lietime” achievement award, and Malkin and the Plumber were paid headliners, advertised to boost ticket sales.

It’s only appropriate that Eric O’Keefe’s organization would give a “Lifetime Achievement Award” to Jacob, considering that it was O’Keefe who hired him in the first place. here, in his own words, Paul Jacob:

Paul Jacob’s blog illustration for this column …


My re-education in federal custody [Federal Prison, felony]  fortunately didn’t take. And the road I took has made all the difference.

For instance, I met Ron Paul when, as a slightly younger congressman, he testified at my trial. Three years later, in 1988, I nominated him to run for president on the Libertarian Party ticket.


Working with wonderful people across the country, we successfully placed Ron on the ballot in 47 states and the District of Columbia. And Guam. Believe me, it took a lot of hours, daylight and late night.

Howie Rich and Eric O’Keefe noticed my work on the petition drives and offered me a job running the Tax Accountability Amendment in Illinois. Half a million voters signed petitions to put the measure on the ballot. Then, at 77 percent in the polls, the Illinois Supreme Court took it off the ballot. (The same thing happened again four years later with a term limits petition.)


In 1992, I was hired to run U.S. Term Limits. We were able to help activists in 14 states get on the ballot — the most states to ever vote on a single issue on a single day. All 14 states passed term limits, including my home state of Arkansas.

The issue continued to win at the ballot box in the states and in hundreds of cities and counties — from Wyoming to New York City. Politicians sued. Speaker of the House Tom Foley was one.

In 1994, Republicans swept to a majority in the U.S. House for the first time in 40 years, in no small part due to their embrace of term limitation. One of the biggest upsets was Foley, the only Speaker defeated for re-election since the Civil War, a victim of his own lawsuit to overturn his state’s voters.

And term limits — a case from Arkansas, not Foley’s — went to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, in a narrow 5 to 4 decision, the court struck down Arkansas’s term limits law, and by implication laws enacted in 22 other states.

What was I thinking?

On the steps of the Supreme Court, I told reporters:

All over Washington today, the politicians and the power brokers are happy. You can hear the sound of champagne corks popping. I have a simple message to them. Drink up; you’re outnumbered.

Term limits went nowhere in Congress, of course. There were a few principled supporters, but most wanted a career of perks and power. It’s very seductive.

I was on the wrong side of an 80/20 issue. I was with the 80 percent of Americans for term limits.

What an amazing situation: Our representatives refuse to do what 80 percent of the people want. In essence, they refuse to give back the power we’ve given to them.

The issue won’t go away. At every Tea Party, one sees the homemade two-word signs: Term Limits.

The only negative result of term limits sweeping those states with initiative and referendum has been the backlash. Legislators and their favored special interests have launched a concerted attack on the initiative process for enabling the people to do such a thing in the first place….

“the people” in this case being a very small, select group of Koch operatives going back to the late 1970s. (HERE)

Edward Crane III, President of The Cato Institute

And there’s this somewhat outdated citation from “The Freedom Activist”:


US Term Limits (USTL)
1125 15th St NW #501, Washington, DC 20005, 202-463-3200, 800-733-6440, fax 202-463-3210
666 Eleventh St NW #840, Washington, DC 20001, 202-393-6440
email pjlimits@concentric.net
Founder Eric S O’Keefe; President & Donor Howard S Rich; Executive Dir & Senior Fellow Paul L Jacobs, Treasurer Eric S O’Keefe?, Board Director Edward H Crane III; Past Staff Bill Piper
Issue: Term Limits
Aka: acquired Americans to Limit Congressional Terms, formerly Citizens for Congressional Reform
Affiliations: Americans for Limited TermsNational Term Limits CoalitionTerm Limits Leadership CouncilUS Term Limits CouncilUS Term Limits Foundation
US Term Limits Council (defunct?)
Parent Organization: US Term Limits
Chairs Joan Finney, William Weld
Issue: Term Limits
US Term Limits Foundation
Issue: Term Limits
Affiliation: US Term Limits

Ed Crane is the President/Chairman/Honcho of The Cato Institute, and was head of the “Craniacs” with O’Keefe and Rich as noted in “” Rich sits on the Board of Cato.

Americans for Limited Government 2007 Federal
990 tax return Board of Directors (incomplete)
O’Keefe served on the board in its first year, before spinning
off into the Sam Adams Alliance, but maintaining their
“Club For Growth” connections.

Note: Same people, same issue, a gazillion fictitious business names, or Also Known As’es. I tracked how Paul Jacob and Eric O’Keefe sit together on the Citizens in Charge Board (as CIC co-underwrote the MacIver Institute survey in 2010 in Wisconsin) in February 20’s ““) no need to rehash it here.

But look at this year’s Sammies (From the Sam Adams Alliance blog):

John Fund and Eric O’Keefe at this year’s “Sammies” in Chicago

Jeepers! Isn’t that the same John Fund who

Yeah. Evidently he makes it every year for a nice honorarium and a chance to sell his crappy books. From 2009:

Fund Signing/Selling books at the 2009 Sammies

Fund, you’ll recall, led the February 19 column here at his vorpal sword:

Cheese Whizz, or The Empire Strikes Back

John Fund opens his Greco-Roman wrestling in the Wall Street Urinal today with this astonishingly dumb formulation: “Who’s in charge of our political system—voters or unions?” […]

And leave us not forget the keynote speaker of THIS year’s Sammies:

Original Caption: Andrew Breitbart delivers the Sammies keynote address.

Breitbart, you might recall, is the fellow who published and backed James “Pimp” O’Keefe’s* little ACORN sting with edited and distorted video footage that, while shown to be fraudulent, still succeeded in bankrupting and destroying ACORN — who registered lots of voters who tended to vote the Democratic ticket.

[* Many readers have asked if James O’Keefe is related to Eric O’Keefe and after a lot of digging, I can’t say that he is. I can’t say that he ISN’T either, but someone else will have to find that. Kurt O’Keefe in Michigan, who has worked on many of the petition drives that the Howard Rich/Eric O’Keefe/Paul Jacob gang has proposed ovdr the years, IS Eric’s brother, in case you wondered from “” at the SourceWatch line “Relationship to Kurt O’Keefe, petitioner of Michigan TABOR is unknown.” I answered the question a few weeks after the Sourcewatch page was cribbed from my blog.]

Original caption: Sammies keynote speaker Andrew Breitbart, and
Tea Party Sammie winner Jamie Radtke chat at the reception.

Jamie Radtke is being, by the by, run for Senate in Virginia, touting her “Sammy” award:

She received the National Sam Adams Alliance Award for the Tea Party, which honors the country’s finest in citizen leadership and political activism; she was one of 20 conservative women highlighted in the recent Citizens United documentary Fire from the Heartland for her work to improve America; she was named by Style Weekly as one of Richmond’s Top 40 Under 40; and she has repeatedly interviewed with local and national media outlets, including FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, and the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Isn’t that cozy, considering the ties between the Sam Adams Alliance, their spun-off American Liberty Alliance (Eric Odom, about whom yesterday’s “” covered) and their spun-FROM Americans for Limited Government TO the tea party? Here’;s the Google Cache retrieval of the Americans for Limited Government’s press release on the AMERICAN LIBERTY TOUR (I’ve saved it as a .pdf you can download):

The American Liberty Tour is a collaborative project of the American Liberty AllianceAmerican MajorityAmericans for Limited Government and the Sam Adams Alliance, and will feature Adam Bitely (NetRight Nation), Ned Ryun (American Majority), Eric Odom (TaxDayTeaParty.com), Ken Marrero (American Liberty Alliance), Erick Erickson (RedState), “Joe the Plumber”, Lloyd Marcus (The Tea Party Song), and many others.

ALG New Media Coordinator and Director of NetRightNation.com, Adam Bitely, said that the American Liberty Tour “will provide a good venue for people to come out and learn how to become active in their communities, whether it be online, in their local political party organizations and governments, in the streets, and in direct communication with their representatives—all to organize against these government takeovers of every aspect of our lives. Citizen activism is now more critical than ever.”

That incestuous enough for you? How about this about American Majority from Wikipedia:

American Majority is a political training organization. Founded with an initial investment by the Sam Adams Alliance, it is sustained by individual donors. The organization provides political training to conservative activists and candidates in state and local elections. Registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the group describes itself as “a non-partisan political training institute whose stated mission is to train and equip a national network of leadership committed to individual freedom through limited government and the free market.”

Gee. Few faces, many “sponsors.”

Later in the season, ALG and American Majority
vanished as “sponsors” on the webpage

And here are the featured speakers (remember “Adam Bitely” the ALG new media coordinator.)

click for final tour webpage

And here is Eric O’Keefe with “Sammies” award winner, Tea Partier and now Senate Candidate Jamie Radtke:

Original captionTea Party winner Jamie Radtke and Eric O’Keefe

Which brings us back to Andrew Breitbart. For two reasons. First, that today’s blogswarm is a testament to the effectiveness of getting those cameras out there and creating the news you’d like to see (if that happens to be anti-Union).

Because of what Breitbart SAID at those Sammy Awards.

From Publius Forum (“A Chicago Tribune website”) this COMPLETELY UNBIASED account of that speech, by Warner Todd Huston:

And finally the Pièce de résistance as we were addressed by the boss. No, not Bruce Springsteen — he’d never address such an audience of real Americans — no, my boss, Andrew Breitbart, the man for whom I write at the various Big sites. Chairman Eric O’Keffe [sic] of the Sam Adams Alliance introduced Breitbart by giving us a warning. “We cannot delegate our government to the hired help,” O’Keffe [sic] told us. He urged us to action saying that we need to take control of it ourselves.

Me and the boss, Andrew Breitbart

Breibart’s boundless energy was very much in evidence as he took the podium to detail his odyssey from somewhat naive denizen of Hollywood to crusader for the conservative cause. He told us that in 2000 he witnessed the evils of the left in Hollywood as it geared up to destroy George W. Bush. Even before 9/11, he told us, the left kicked its hate of America into high gear. But it was after 9/11 that his naiveté was ripped away and the vile nature of the left was revealed to him.

He joined Matt Drudge to launch the fist major Internet news success story and for “15 years sat in my basement hoping for the fight to begin.” Breitbart was happy to announce that he thinks that fight against the left has finally been joined by conservatives in America.

The fight couldn’t be more serious. He told us he was struck with the rage and racism infesting the left both before and after 9/11 the left launched an effort to “reclaim the ability to divide the country.” Hollywood was leading the anti-American charge and Saul Aninsky’s [sic] Rules for Radicals was their tool.

But we’ve allowed the left to win the culture war, Breitbart warned. “We are 40 years into the left injecting bad into America,” he said. As Hollywood has pushed the anti-hero, drugs, the aberrant, and the like, Breitbart said it is long past time for us to remind America about what is good in her.

“There people on the left are nasty,” he said. “I actually didn’t realize how nasty they were until recently,” he confessed. It was after he released the famous ACORN videos that showed various ACORN offices acting in complicity with a man claiming that he wanted tax advice so he could start a brothel stocked with underage teenage girls from El Salvador that he wanted to sneak into the country illegally.

Note: If you still believe this, you haven’t been keeping up.

It was after he began his own Internet sites that he realized how nasty, vile and evil the left really is against people they feel are their enemies. Breitbart said “these people are evil to want to use the schism in America” to advance their agenda to tear down this country.

But the new media has shown itself to be an avenue to save this country. Breitbart charged everyone in the audience to help him with the fight by using the new media. The new media, he said, was “born of freedom.” As talk radio began when the badly named fairness doctrine was eliminated, all the way to his own websites (Breitbart.comBigHollywood.comBigGovernment.comBigJournalism.com) the new media is one of the best tools the right has to save this country.

Breitbart told us that the left felt they had the “last piece of the puzzle” once Barack Obama was elected and once they took such lopsided control of Congress. But the new conservative movement and the tea party patriots are disabusing them of that notion. We do have the power to take back our country and we must do it.

With that, Breitbart ended his remarks and the night was over.

My thanks to Eric O’Keffe [sic], Sam Adams Alliance chairman, as well as Nic Hall and the folks at Sam Adams for inviting me and providing the hospitality that made me feel so welcome. It was quite a night, indeed.

And there in Wisconsin Saturday, who do you suppose it was that Americans for Prosperity produced for their “counter demonstration”?

Why, Joe the Plumber and Andrew Breitbart:

Likely 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain, local Madison and Milwaukee conservative radio host Vicki McKenna, Gateway Pundit blogger Jim Hoff, Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher and conservative media guru Andrew Breitbart each took their shots at the union bosses who were gathering their supporters on the other side of the state capitol building.

And here they are, from the National Review Online:

Joe the Plumber (left) and Breitbart with beard (center) in Madison last weekend.

And here’s Breitbart speaking in Madison on YouTube:

Breatbat in Wisconsin

And Michelle Malkin attacks the workers in Wisconsin with all eight legs.

Michelle Malkin and John Fund at the 2009 Sammies

And John Fund writes pro-Walker columns in the Wall Street Journal online.

John Fund at the 2010 Sammies

And what was Eric Odom soliciting $1500 for to send a team of bloggers into Indiana and Wisconsin (yesterday’s ““)?

“We want to put together some videos and track the leftists in these states, and we want to help the local organizers working to counter rally where the unions are working.”

And who is headlining THIS year’s Sammies for that Citizens Club for Sam Adams in Charge of Growth Alliance, Wisconsin?

You can watch the video here

Yeah. “I’m John Stossel, host of Stossel on Fox Business, and I’ve won 19 Emmys, but so what?” it begins…

And everybody is neatly intermingled and entangled, and the idea that “journalism” is taking place in the incestuous little pool of interconnected entities herein is nearly as laughable as the notion that it is “we the people” be represented by this small cadre of professional political operatives.

Even old Rupert Murdoch served on the Cato Board of directors in 1999. From the Cato Institute’s 1999 IRS 990 tax return (incomplete listing):

from the 1999 Cato Institute IRS 990

Cozy enough?

Things go Badder with Koch™.

Right John?

Right Paul?

Paul Jacob gets his “lifetime achievement award”
from Eric O’Keefe’s Sam Adams Alliance

[* But what’s weird is how a convicted draft dodger keeps talking about “taking that beachhead,” and going on to “the next battle.” Cognitive dissonance from a cognitive dissident.]

Yeah. Right. Sure.

Just wait for next year’s Citizens Club for Sam Adams in Charge of Growth Alliance, Wisconsin Sammies. I’m sure they’ll come up with something for Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin.


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