Union Blues, Wisconsin and More…

A few recommended reads on the Unions, Wisconsin, Obama’s speech to U.S. Governors and more: Via The New Yorker is this must read: Union Blues From The Atlantic: Obama to Governors: Don’t Vilify Public Workers Gov. Scott Walker responds to President Obama… Michael Boomberg… Limit Pay, Not Unions New York … Continue reading

Charlie Sheen: Off The Rails

I find myself compelled to read pieces on all the various interviews with Charlie Sheen, the whopper apparently being the TMZ interview. I usually avoid reading this stuff but I felt compelled to tune in because I’ve lost a couple of people dear to me to drugs and alcohol. There’s … Continue reading

Union Support Noted at the Oscars

Last night watching the Oscars there was not much said in the way of politics during any of the acceptance speeches, save for a couple of winners thanking their union crews and Charles Ferguson, the winner of the Oscar for Best Documentary for Inside Job. Ferguson said during his  acceptance speech: Forgive me, I … Continue reading