Capitol Idea: April’s Fool: Will it be John Boehner, or the Tea Party?

You can always count on Sen. Chuck Schumer to get to the heart of a matter with a good quote. “So Speaker Boehner is caught between a shutdown and a hard place,” the voluble New Yorker says. “He has caught a tiger by the tail in the form of the Tea Party.” With just a little more than a week left to settle on a federal budget to avoid a government shutdown, congressional Democrats and Republicans actually seemed like they might be close to a deal.  But, suddenly, the House Republicans did a strange thing. They pulled back from the talks. They changed their minds about what level of spending cuts they could accept. “We were right on the verge … Continue reading

Tax-Deductible Invasions

          Millions of Americans gave George W. Bush unquestioned support when he diverted personnel and resources from the war against al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden to invade Iraq.            Several million fewer opposed the invasion, stating that the primary mission was to destroy the enemy hiding in Afghanistan that destroyed a part of America and not to expand the war. At first, President Bush claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, capable of destroying Israel and, if placed aboard cargo vessels, could be launched at the east coast of the U.S. When that explanation fizzled, Bush said the invasion was to remove a dictator. Soon, “Regime Change” was the buzz phrase of the month.            Flash forward eight years. … Continue reading

EPA Admits to Glitches in Radiation Monitors in U.S.

This is so disconcerting… The EPA has admitted to glitches in radiation monitors in the U.S.: And then there’s this… “The Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration say that very low levels of radiation have turned up in a sample of milk from the West Coast state of Washington.” It also appears that Japan will need to widen the evacuation zone. President Obama included nuclear power as a source in his energy speech today. What the hell is he thinking?

Boxer: Rove Groups Pledge $120 Million Against Democrats In 2012 Election

Organizations associated with prominent Republican strategist Karl Rove plan to spend $120 million to defeat Democrats in the 2012 elections, according to Sen. Barbara Boxer. A former top aide to President George W. Bush, Rove helped form such groups as American Crossroads and American Crossroads GPS, which spent heavily on negative political attack ads against congressional Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections. “Take it from me: I know first-hand the extremes Republicans are willing to go to win,” Boxer (D-Calif.) says in a fundraising email for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). “They threw everything but the kitchen sink at me in 2010 – and they will have even more money to fund their attacks this time.” Boxer last year … Continue reading

Sens. Rally Against GOP Social Security Plan

Several senators rallied Monday with more than 300 supporters against Republican plans to reform Social Security. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) appeared at the event alongside Sens. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Al Franken (D-Minn.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), telling Republicans to “Back Off Social Security.” Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the powerful chairman of the House Budget Committee, has introduced a Social Security plan which would begin to privatize the safety-net program upon which millions of American senior citizens rely. An independent expert warned Congress earlier this month that “privatization — in whole or in part — is likely to increase costs, not reduce them.” “Seventy-five years ago, our nation made the promise that if you work hard … Continue reading

President Obama Makes His Case for Libya

Addressing the nation live tonight from the National Defense University in Washington, D.C., President Obama made his case for U.S. military operations in Libya: Obama said “that the military operations in Libya have succeeded in averting a humanitarian catastrophe,” and he “pledged that the United States would continue to scale back its involvement in the conflict over the coming days.” “I said that America’s role would be limited; that we would not put ground troops into Libya; that we would focus our unique capabilities on the front end of the operation, and that we would transfer responsibility to our allies and partners,” Mr. Obama said in an evening speech to the nation. “Tonight, we are fulfilling that pledge.” In his speech the … Continue reading

GE’s World

GE is living in their own little corporate world apparently where they can screw the U.S. Government by not paying taxes and then turn around and screw their workers too… Last week, the New York Times reported that, despite making $14.2 billion in profits, General Electric, the largest corporation in the United States, paid zero U.S. taxes in 2010 and actually received tax credits of $3.2 billion dollars. The article noted that GE’s tax avoidance team is comprised of “former officials not just from the Treasury, but also from the I.R.S. and virtually all the tax-writing committees in Congress.” Must be nice to be GE… it sucks to be their workers though. Shame on GE. Shame doesn’t even describe it. … Continue reading