Deep GOP Budget Cuts Not Playing Well Nationwide, Democrats Say

While much Washington coverage of the Republican drive to slash federal spending deals with politics and process, coverage of those cuts across the nation has focused on the impact those cuts would have — and Americans don’t like what they see, according to Senate Democrats.

Senate Democrats have assembled a new online video of TV reports about the deep cuts House Republicans would make in a wide swath of federal programs. They’ve also put together a round-up of print and online press, as well.

In one clip, commenting on proposed Republican cuts to veterans’ services a veteran in Youngstown, Ohio, says, “I can’t imagine a country like us doing this to our veterans.”

In another clip, a correspondent in Miami, Fla., reporting on planned education cuts, says, “That trickles down to 35 kids here…getting kicked out of school next week.”

A negative reception to the GOP cuts isn’t too surprising, given that the Republicans would slash deeply into areas that a new survey find to be top priorities for government spending among Americans.

“This video brings into stark relief the painful consequences of the Republicans extreme and reckless spending bill,” says Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, a senior member of the Democrats’ leadership team. “We are not talking about numbers on a page, but more mothers and fathers out of work, less safety and security in communities across the country, and more veterans living on the street.”

House Republicans last month approved a spending measure to fund the federal government through September, but that legislation would pare $61 billion of spending — a level that President Obama and congressional Democrats oppose.

Obama and Reid have tried to jumpstart ongoing negotiations to find some resolution to the budget impasse, with limited success.

Lawmakers of both parties must find some agreement on a federal budget by March 18. That’s when current federal funding expires. If no spending legislation is in place after that time, most of the federal government will be forced to close.

Scott Nance is the publisher of the news site The Washington Current, formerly known as On The Hill. He has covered Congress and the federal government for more than a decade.

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3 Responses to Deep GOP Budget Cuts Not Playing Well Nationwide, Democrats Say

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  2. Atlanta Roofing says:

    Find it absolutely disgusting that they are slashing every program that benefits average Americans, while yelling that it is a necessary sacrifice. Meanwhile, the rich were extended tax breaks that would have given this country vast amounts of money to work with. Ultimately¬, the poor and middle class have to sacrifice and suffer so that the rich can save a few dollars. Sounds messed up to me.

  3. I’m not sure the Republicans care how their policies play. Scott Walker did not care in WI and Boehner and Co. don’t appear to be phased by the negative press they are getting. My guess is they are willing to live with the wrath of Democrats or others that wouldn’t vote for them anyway. They are also hoping that the benefits of cutting spending will be felt quickly and then voters will forgive them.