Rand’s Tiolet Rant

Republican Senator Rand Paul went rant about toilets today in the midst of an Energy & Natural Resources Committee hearing on energy efficiency standards for appliances and his “unwitting victim was Kathleen Hogan, the deputy assistant secretary for energy efficiency at the Department of Energy.”

Frankly, my toilets don’t work in my house. And I blame you and people like you who want to tell me what I can install in my house, what I can do. You restrict my choices. There is hypocrisy that goes on when people claim to believe in some choices but don’t want to let the consumer decide what they can buy and put in their houses. I find it insulting. I find it insulting that a lot of these products that you’re going to make us buy and you won’t let us buy what we want to buy and you take away our choices.”

“These things you want us to buy are often made in foreign countries. You ship jobs overseas. The same thing your administration claims to be in favor of, you’re shipping jobs overseas by saying we can’t make these items over here. I find it really an affront to the sensibility of the idea and notion of the free marketplace, of capitalism, of freedom of choice. Now it’s not that I’m against conservation. I’m all for energy conservation. But I wish you would come here to extol me, to cajole me, to encourage, to try to convince me to conserve energy. But you come instead with fines, threats of jail, you put people out of business who want to make products you don’t like.”

“This is what your energy efficiency standards are. Call it what it is. You prevent people from making things that consumers want. I find it really appalling and hypocritical and think there should be some self-examination from the administration on the idea that you favor a woman’s right to an abortion, but you don’t favor a woman or a man’s right to choose what kind of light-bulb, what kind of dishwasher, what kind of washing machine. I really find it troubling – this busy-body nature that you want to come into my house, my bathroom, my bedroom, my kitchen, my laundry room. I just really find it insulting and I find that all of the arguments for energy efficiency – you’re exactly right we should conserve energy, but why not do it in a voluntary way? Why do it where you threaten to fine me or put me in jail if I don’t accept your opinion? In America we believe in trying to convince our neighbors, but not trying to convince them through the force of law. I find this antithetical to the American way.”

Get a grip there Rand. You pulled for one piece of toilet tissue and the whole roll tumbled onto the floor and a few issues spilled out and made a jumbled mess about who’s to blame about what. Consumers have a lot more choices now when it comes to energy efficient appliances and quite frankly there’s just no comparing a woman’s right to choice to a freakin light-bulb, dishwasher or washing machine.

Someone also needs to fill the rude Mr. Rand in… his own party, the Republicans are the party of outsourcing… not the Democrats.

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