P.J. Crowley Speaks Truth

Yesterday, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, stepped down in the wake of the controversy about his public statement at a small gathering at MIT last week, “that treatment of Wikileaks suspect Pfc. Bradley Manning in military detention has been “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.””

P.J. Crowley was right to speak the truth on the mis-treatment of Bradley Manning, and now the Obama administration must own this mis-treatment and not brush it under the rug as attempted by President Obama during a press conference on Friday.

Mr. Obama said that he had been assured the treatment of Private Manning was “appropriate and are meeting our basic standards.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Crowley’s resignation (getting fired):

“P.J. has served our nation with distinction for more than three decades, in uniform and as a civilian. His service to country is motivated by a deep devotion to public policy and public diplomacy, and I wish him the very best,” Ms. Clinton wrote.

Mr. Crowley said in his own statement:

“My recent comments regarding the conditions of the pre-trial detention of Private First Class Bradley Manning were intended to highlight the broader, even strategic impact of discreet actions undertaken by national security agencies every day and their impact on our global standing and leadership,” he wrote. “The exercise of power in today’s challenging times and relentless media environment must be prudent and consistent with our laws and values.”

Glenn Greenwald has more: WH forces P.J. Crowley to resign for condemning abuse of Manning.

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5 Responses to P.J. Crowley Speaks Truth

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  2. What they’re doing to Manning is criminal. But …

    Alas, being a spokesperson for the State Department is no different now than it has been for hundreds of years: Someone who reliably sticks to whatever script they’re handed. Diplomacy ofttimes still being the art of lying in a charming manner.

    On that basis, Crowley’s “resignation” (firing) is understandable.

    On the basis of the ‘official’ response to Manning, it’s reprehensible and indefensible.

    Right at the Beltline, perhaps, ought to be a sign over each entrance to the District of Columbia:

    Abandon all scruples, Ye who enter here.

  3. “Abandon all scruples, Ye who enter here.”

    Me thinks they all know it’s the unwritten law of the land there!

  4. Hart Williams says:

    Well, it’s either that or “Never give a sucker an even break.”

    Maybe both.

  5. Probably both Hart!