Extreme Radiation at Japan Nuke Site

A very dangerous breach is suspected at one of the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. There is evidence that has “emerged that the reactor vessel of the No. 3 unit may have been damaged.” The suspected damage was detected after “three workers who were trying to connect an electrical cable to a pump in a turbine building next to the reactor were injured when they stepped into water that was found to be significantly more radioactive than normal in a reactor.”

Just how high was the radiation level that injured the workers? “10,000 times more radioactive than normal,” that’s how high.

The NY Times reports:

Japanese officials began quietly encouraging people to evacuate a larger swath of territory around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant on Friday, a sign that they hold little hope that the crippled facility will soon be brought under control.

Encouraging people to evacuate? How about insisting that they evacuate.

The situation Japan is beyond heartbreaking. It is now reported that the “official death toll from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami had passed 10,000, with nearly 17,500 others listed as missing.”

The radiation levels keep creeping higher. Radiation has been detected in food and water. Anyone who thinks something like this can’t happen here — think again. With nuke plants built along coastal fault lines in California… It very well could happen here.

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