Radioactive Rain Reaches Massachusetts

MSNBC reports that “trace amounts of radioactive iodine linked to Japan’s crippled nuclear power station have turned up in rainwater samples as far away as Massachusetts during the past week, state officials said Sunday.”

The low level of radioiodine-131 detected in precipitation at a sample location in Massachusetts is comparable to findings in California, Washington state and Pennsylvania and poses no threat to drinking supplies, public health officials said.

Testing of air samples from the same area in Massachusetts that the water reading came from show no radiation is detecable.

The drinking water supply in Massachusetts is unaffected by this short-term, slight elevation in radiation,” said Massachusetts Public Health Commissioner John Auerbach.

“We will carefully monitor the drinking water as we exercise an abundance of caution,” he said.

Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Richard K. Sullivan Jr. directed the Department of Environmental Protection to collect additional samples for testing from several water bodies across Massachusetts. Results will be available over the next several days.

At concentrations found, the radioiodine-131 would likely become undetectable in a “relative short time,” according to a statement issued by agency.

Please, make your voice heard and let Congress and President Obama know that it is time to take nuclear power in the United States off the grid — forever.

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One Response to Radioactive Rain Reaches Massachusetts

  1. Gary O says:

    Nuclear power is very dangerous, even in the hands of those who know it well, and say it isn’t. The Daiichi event shows us that unexpected natural disasters can happen anywhere, and should a catastophic earthquake hit California, their two power plants may be imperiled. Tho’ complete failures of their containment systems are unlikely, anything can happen. Imagine radioactive winds from the West Coast blowing across the U.S., bringing contaminated rainwater. FAllout could result in radioactive nucleide contamination of groundwater and surface water supplies to the entire nation, and doom us to an uncertain health future. Coal, natural gas, and other sources, tho’ not harmless, are at least predictable, and you can simply shut off these types of power plants and walk away. NO MORE NUKES!!!!