Mitt the Nit Wit

Mitt Romney opened his mouth and inserted his foot with a line that could have gotten in him a heap of trouble. He caught himself, sort of and wormed out his bad choice of words… The transcript… Do you remember that during the Ronald Reagan-Jimmy Carter debates, that Ronald Reagan came … Continue reading

A Loose Cannon

I’m loathe to keep posting about Donald Trump but his behavior as he mulls over running for president is so disturbing and surreal to me. Yesterday’s speech by Trump in Las Vegas, is just the latest example of a loose cannon with multiple screws loose. A partial transcript of Trumps f-bomb … Continue reading

Dump Trump

I think historian Doug Brinkley is on the right path with his call for NBC Entertainment to Dump Trump… We don’t have to blame “the media” for dealing with this issue. We have to blame NBC Entertainment. They need to dump Trump from his primetime news show. He’s a poison … Continue reading

Supreme Court Sides With Corporate America Again

Score another for the corporations, against the little people… Consumers ‘betrayed’ by high court ruling on class-action suits: Fine print in everyday consumer contracts can include provisions that require Americans to surrender their rights to file class-action lawsuits, the U.S Supreme Court ruled Wednesday, overturning a lower court ruling. The … Continue reading

MA Senate 2012: Alan Khazei Is In, Massie Hires Trippi

Massachusetts Democratic activist Alan Khazei announced today that he will run for the Democratic party nomination to face Sen. Scott Brown (R).  Khazei, co-founder of the non-profit group City Year, posted the announcement on his website and said he is holding a kickoff event in Boston. “Today I’m announcing that I am an official candidate … Continue reading

Down for the Count: America’s Fascination With Royalty

In case you’re in a funk because you think the reason you didn’t receive an invitation to the royal wedding is because the Brits are still ticked off about that silly little skirmish back in 1776, the American media have a solution for you. The media had been pumping out … Continue reading

Anyone But Mitt

Conservative talk show host and author Michael Graham from Boston is pushing a new “anyone but Mitt” website. What’s Graham’s beef with Mitt? RomneyCare, which Graham equates with ObamaCare. Graham told Jennifer Rubin of the WaPo: The point of is to make sure GOP primary voters understand early on that … Continue reading