Obama Launches Reelection Campaign – I’m In

President Obama launched his reelection campaign today and although I have disagreed with him on some issues since he took office, I am stepping up to the plate right now to say, I’m In.

President Obama on Monday kicked off his reelection campaign with a quiet video posting rather than the usual hoopla.

In addition to the video, titled “It Begins With Us,” the Obama campaign sent an email to supporters announcing the drive for 2012. The announcement had been expected and was signaled in reports throughout the weekend.

Obama pledged to focus on his job but will pick up the tempo of campaigning this month with several fundraisers. The campaign is hoping to raise a record $1 billion.

I never expected miracles from Obama as some of his ardent supporters have.

I knew he’d make decisions that wouldn’t always set with liberals and progressives, but that part of the job.

A good president has to find common ground with both of our two main political parties and in between. I think Obama has done that.

President obama didn’t go into office with an easy road ahead of him, thanks to Bush II and the mess his administration left behind. 

The GOP is poised and ready to do everything they can to unseat Obama and quite frankly I don’t believe there will be any challengers to Obama of substance and that includes Hillary Clinton who I endorsed in ’08.

I’m not willing to sit back on the sidelines and see how this plays out over time by not endorsing President Obama.

I’m confident he’s what we need in a president for another years, so yes, I’m In.

I hope you are too…

UPDATE: To clarify also, as the owner/editor of The Democratic Daily, this is at this time, my personal endorsement, and not the endorsement of other writers here at The Dem Daily who are quite capable of making their own choices. This is my personal choice.

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2 Responses to Obama Launches Reelection Campaign – I’m In

  1. Lulu says:

    Now that Obama is officially running for reelection in 2012, join in on the Obama Victory Fund 2012 Kick-Off with the President on 4/14/11 at Navy Pier. More details here – http://bit.ly/gNCgkW

  2. Abby says:

    I am not in. We cannot afford Obama, nor any of the potential republican candidates. Democracy is dead. This may be our last chance to resurect
    it, and we are not going to do it with the present democrats. Our economy is false, our money practically worthless, and our atmosphere putrid. Dear God, I know we can do better.