Senator Kerry Debates Government Shutdown on the Senate Floor, Invokes Ted Kennedy

Senator John Kerry went to the floor of the Senate this afternoon to deliver an address on the  failure in Washington, D.C. to reach a budget agreement. “This isn’t about making cuts to reduce the deficit. And it isn’t a negotiation,” Kerry said. “Instead, we’re here at an extraordinary moment in … Continue reading

Capitol Idea: ‘What We Cut is Much More Important Than How Much We Cut’

With the potential for a government shutdown growing ever-more-certain by the hour, one might conclude that Democrats and Republicans are arguing over a lot of money — and, certainly, tens of billions of dollars would be a whole lot of money for you or me. But in terms of the overall … Continue reading

A Crock Pot Tax-Exempt Idea

A wall of suffocating heat nearly vaporized me as I walked into Marshbaum’s house. In the kitchen was a portable kiln spewing fiery venom that was curling the linoleum. In the den, wildly pumping a potter’s wheel flinging clay all over the room, was Marshbaum. “Got a new hobby?” I … Continue reading