Breaking: We’ve Got a Deal!

I no sooner posted my last post on word that the budget deal statemate might be coming to a close and now it appears it has. Via Twitter:

@stevebruskCNN Boehner announces deal — CR tonight, final passage mid next week. Takes no questions

@samsteinhp Obama is reportedly going to speak within ten minutes

@Suntimes  Deal to avoid government shutdown cuts $39 billion avoids controversial programs cuts.

@HotlineReid RT @MajoratNJ: $39 billion in cuts from the 2010 budget — defense allocations will total $513 billion for fiscal year…more

And the backlash begins for Boehner

@DavidCornDC Teahadists are tweeting that they will primary Boehner next election so….

Via MSNBC live video:

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2 Responses to Breaking: We’ve Got a Deal!

  1. Hart Williams says:

    Oh boy! Another rerun of “Bad Kabuki Theatre.”

    That hit series where the selfish and the uninformed get to threaten seniors, the disabled and the decent.

    But at least they’ve funded the soldiers to the end of the year. Don’t want to use them as political pawns where you’re a Super-Duper Patriotâ„¢!

    Next up: Our Friend the Atom.

  2. Jay Banks says:

    The government is finally starting to get American fiscal policy in order. Even though the agreed cuts seem to be too low in comparison with the US deficit, it is the first step to get the US economy out of trouble.